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Hewson Hall is a transformative addition to the Culverhouse College of Business, establishing a new heart for the college that is on par with the very best business school facilities in the country.

This state-of-the-art facility offers a place for students to create and collaborate and faculty the room to work.

The 108,000-square-foot building is centered around a three-story atrium — a light-filled, dynamic space that is designed to connect faculty, staff and students. It features a large lecture hall, collaboration and teaching rooms, executive boardroom, and other unique spaces.

Hewson Hall was made possible by the generous support of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business.

Our sincere gratitude to those who made Hewson Hall possible.

We invite you to Explore hewson Hall's newly named spaces

First Floor

Sanders Lobby & Vestibule 


Smith Classroom

Room Number: 1001

Batson Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1002

Lowe Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1004

Skip Classroom

Room Number: 1005

Meriwether Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1006

Tidwell Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1008

Ventress Family IT Room

Room Number: 1012

Dietrick Collaboration Room 

Room Number: 1013

Bayer Collaboration Room 

Room Number: 1014

Mason Classroom

Room Number: 1017A/B

Kelly Commons

Room Number: C104

Welch Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1018

H. Wilson Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1019

C.K. Wilson Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1020

Hough Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1021

DeVane Lloyd Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1022

Birdwell Classroom*

Room Number: 1023

Jessup Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1024

Cooper Cafe and Terrace

Room Number: 1026

Whiting Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1027

Cobb Classroom

Room Number: 1028

Adams Collaboration Room

Room Number: 1029

Parker Classroom

Room Number: 1030

Scale-Up Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 1003

Case Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 1007


Naming Opportunity

Named Spaces

C100/100 Sanders Lobby & Vestibule 

1001 Smith Classroom 

1002 Batson Collaboration Room 

1004 Lowe Collaboration Room 

1005 Skip Classroom 

1006 Meriwether Collaboration Room 

1008 Tidwell Collaboration Room 

1012 Ventress Family IT Room 

1013 Dietrick Collaboration Room 

1014 Bayer Collaboration Room 

1017A/B Mason Classroom 

C104 Kelly Commons 

1018 Welch Collaboration Room 

1019 H. Wilson Collaboration Room 

1020 C.K. Wilson Collaboration Room 

1021 Hough Collaboration Room 

1022 DeVane Lloyd Collaboration Room 

1023 Birdwell Classroom* 

1024 Jessup Collaboration Room 

1026 Cooper Cafe and Terrace 

1027 Whiting Collaboration Room 

1028 Cobb Classroom* 

1029 Adams Collaboration Room 

1030 Parker Classroom

Available Space

-Named space giving opportunity

*Named seats are still available in the Case Classrooms

1003 Scale-Up Classroom

1007 Case Classroom

1000 Atrium

First Floor Atrium
Ground Floor - Fitzpatrick Auditorium

Ground Floor

Thompson Foundation Lecture Hall

Room Number: 0015

Brooke Classroom

Room Number: 7

Popwell Green Room

Room Number: 29

Salmonson Collaboration Room

Room Number: 10

Renfroe Collaboration Room

Room Number: 9

Roberts Collaboration Room

Room Number: 8

McMillan Collaboration Room

Room Number: 21

Collaboration Room

Naming Opportunity
Room Number: 0027

Fitzpatrick Vestibule


Palan Vestibule

Menzies Gallery

Cole Corridor

Named Spaces

0002 Fitzpatrick Auditorium*

0007 Brooke Classroom

0008 Roberts Collaboration Room

0009 Renfroe Collaboration Room

0010 Salmonson Collaboration Room

0015 Thompson Foundation Lecture Hall

0029 Popwell Green Room

C005A Palan Vestibule

C005B Cole Corridor

C006 Menzies Gallery

C007A Fitzpatrick Vestibule

0021 McMillan Collaboration Room

Available Space

-Named space giving opportunity

0027 Collaboration Room

Second Floor

NSHMIC Commons and Terrace


Daugette Overlook

Room Number: C202

Gillis Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2000

Stockard Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2001

Hornsby Classroom

Room Number: 2002

Morrison Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2003

Burch Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2005

Boutwell Classroom

Room Number: 2006

Ross Collaboration Room 

Room Number: 2007

Hall Overlook

Room Number: C204

Tompkins Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2009

Dean Conference Room

Room Number: 2013

Boozer Office

Room Number: 2014

James Quiet Study

Room Number: 2017/C207

Melton Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2020

Nalley Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2022

Hudson Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2024

MBA Case Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2026

Willis Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2028

Roberts Collaboration Room

Room Number: 2029

Cluster Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2004

Cluster Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2008

Cluster Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2021

Team Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2023

Cluster Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2025

Boardroom Style Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2019

Boardroom Style Classroom

Naming Opportunity

Room Number: 2027

Named Spaces

C200/C205 NSHMIC Commons and Terrace 

C202 Daugette Overlook 

2000 Gillis Collaboration Room 

2001 Stockard Collaboration Room 

2002 Hornsby Classroom 

2003 Morrison Collaboration Room 

2005 Burch Collaboration Room 

2006 Boutwell Classroom 

2007 Ross Collaboration Room 

C204 Hall Overlook

2009 Tompkins Collaboration Room 

2013 Dean Conference Room 

2014 Boozer Office 

2017/C207 James Quiet Study 

2020 Melton Collaboration Room 

2022 Nalley Collaboration Room 

2024 Hudson Collaboration Room 

2026 MBA Case Collaboration Room 

2028 Willis Collaboration Room 

2029 Roberts Collaboration Room

Available Space

-Named space giving opportunity

2021 Cluster Classroom

2023 Team Classroom

2025 Cluster Classroom

2019 Boardroom Style Classroom

2027 Boardroom Style Classroom

Second Floor - James Quiet Study/Hall of Fame
Third Floor - Smith Executive Board Room

Third Floor

Smith Executive Board Room

Room Number: 3000

Morgan Graduate Office

Room Number: 3010

Emerson Graduate Office

Room Number: 3013

Kyle Graduate Office

Room Number: 3017

Franke Graduate Office

Room Number: 3020

Stanton Nook

Room Number: C307

D'Amico Conference Room

Room Number: 3035

McMillan Office

Room Number: 3036

Holman Office

Room Number: 3037

Willings Overlook

Room Number: C308

Dulek Stickland Lounge

Room Number: 3040

Thompson Office

Room Number: 3041

Giles Nook

Room Number: C309

Dietrick Conference Room

Room Number: 3043

Malikimeki Mother's Room

Room Number: 3045

Belcher Graduate Office

Room Number: 3048

Roberts Graduate Office

Room Number: 3051

Thompson Graduate Office

Room Number: 3055

LeMier Graduate Office

Room Number: 3058

Hughes Kitchen

Room Number: 3066

Edwards Graduate Office

Room Number: 3068

Kelly Office

Room Number: 3069

Jones First Generation Spot

Room Number: 3073/3074

East Overlook

Naming Opportunity

Graduate & PhD Office

Naming Opportunity

Graduate & PhD Office

Naming Opportunity

Graduate & PhD Office

Naming Opportunity

Graduate & PhD Office

Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity


Naming Opportunity

Named Spaces

3000 Smith Executive Boardroom 

3010 Morgan Graduate Office 

3013 Emerson Graduate Office 

3017 Kyle Graduate Office 

3020 Franke Graduate Office 

C307A Staton Nook 

3035 D’Amico Conference Room 

3036 McMillan Office 

3037 Holman Office 

C308 Willings Overlook 

3040 Dulek Strickland Lounge 

3041 Thompson Office 

C309 Giles Nook 

3043 Dietrick Conference Room 

3045 Malikimeki Mother’s Room 

3048 Belcher Graduate Office 

3051 Roberts Graduate Office 

3055 Thompson Graduate Office 

3058 LeMier Graduate Office 

3066 Hughes Kitchen 

3068 Edwards Graduate Office 

3069 Kelly Office 

3073/3074 Jones First Generation Spot

Available Space

-Named space giving opportunity

East Overlook  $150,000

Nook 8 Remaining $35,000

Office 49 Remaining $30,000

Graduate & PhD Office 4 Remaining $15,000

Remaining Naming Opportunities

For more information, please contact:

Courtney Miller

Executive Director of External Relations

Culverhouse College of Business

205-348-4899 | cmiller@culverhouse.ua.edu

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