Innovative Marketing: Where Relationships Fuel Success

The Marketing Department at Culverhouse is for students that wish to explore the dynamics of business/customer relationships. Marketing is the process by which businesses communicate their intrinsic value to customers and other businesses. Students in Marketing majors will study how companies win customer trust and how to maintain and enrich that relationship through market research, analysis of customer data, direct personal interaction, and several technology-oriented methods. Culverhouse marketing students are supported by faculty and instructors who have first-hand experience in crafting marketing campaigns and new market research methods.


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Culverhouse Career Center First Destination Report



  • Marketing is primarily concerned with two main concepts: the identification and assessment of consumer and industrial market needs and the development of marketing programs to satisfy those needs. Marketing personnel in profit and nonprofit organizations analyze markets and industries to define new opportunities and refine existing opportunities. Marketers also are responsible for developing and managing products and services, along with the promotion, distribution, and pricing appropriate to the targeted market opportunities.

    Students who major in marketing enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. These include sales and sales management, services marketing, retailing, brand management, market research, distribution and logistics, and advertising.


  • The Sales curriculum provides students with sales theory, up-to-date sales technologies, practical process applications, and engagement with live business-to-business selling environments. Students who have earned the minor can contribute revenue to a hiring organization while also being more prepared to accept continued sales and management training. In an environment where making the sale is everything, a minor in Sales takes our students anywhere. Explore the Sales Program here. 

The Marketing Department at Culverhouse offers graduate programs at the Masters and PhD levels.

Websites specific to our graduate programs can be found below:

  • Master of Science in Marketing Analytics (Online)
    • The online Master of Science in Marketing Analytics is an intensive program designed to give students advanced analytical marketing skills and hands-on experience with which to launch a career in one of marketing’s many fast-growing fields, including:
    • Marketing analytics and decision making; Marketing research and insight development; Management consulting and project management; Professional selling and sales management; Services marketing; and Digital and social media.
  • Master’s of Science in Marketing (On-campus)
    • The Master of Science in Marketing features concentrations in:
      • Marketing Analytics
        • Students interested in the Marketing Analytics concentration must score 580 or higher on the GMAT (308 GRE) and have made at least a B in college calculus. Students choosing the Marketing Analytics concentration should apply for summer acceptance to take ST 560 (available online).
      • Digital and Social Media Marketing
        • The Digital and Social Media Marketing concentration involves a deep dive into the new world of digital marketing, with an overview course in social media-based marketing strategy followed by courses in digital marketing analytics and advanced digital marketing. The world of digital and social media marketing is growing rapidly, with firms around the world scrambling to add digital components to their marketing strategies.
      • Sales Leadership
        • The Sales Leadership concentration is an immersive, customizable program that provides cutting-edge industry practice, experiential role-play, and real-world examples for students who are ready for leadership roles within specific sectors of sales. We live in an ever-interconnected world with an increasing need for employment and continuous new company development, and the Sales Leadership concentration will develop students that can analyze, converse, and sell at the highest level.
  • PhD in Marketing
    • The goal of the Ph.D. program in Marketing is to help prepare students for top-level research and teaching positions. Our focus is the intersection between strategy and behavioral research but also includes a high level of quantitative grounding necessary to be a successful researcher.