Culverhouse Bama Blitz Campaign Raises $1.7M for Hewson Hall

Culverhouse Bama Blitz Campaign Raises $1.7M for Hewson Hall

  • May 1st, 2019

University of Alabama officials announced a successful second annual Bama Blitz, raising more than $2.5 million in gifts from 1,826 supporters across the country.

Donors from all 50 states contributed during the one-day, eight-hour and 31-minute campaign – a timeframe that celebrated UA’s founding year, 1831.

Bama Blitz, which began at noon April 10 and ended at 8:31 p.m. April 11, was powered by a crowdfunding and social media strategy that showcased passion projects from colleges and schools and charted gifts on a real-time leaderboard. Its primary focus was on building support for a series of unique and impactful projects that might otherwise go without funding.

Culverhouse’s goals were aligned to the Hewson Hall project. Participants could purchase a seat in the large lecture hall or one of the case classrooms for $500 and $200, respectively. They could also give funds of any amount to support the Dr. J. Barry Mason Classroom, Culverhouse Dean Emeritus. Dr. Mason, who retired in 2011 after decades of service to The University of Alabama in leadership roles including a stint as interim President, is deeply beloved by all those who have had the pleasure of working with him. He is still involved in the Culverhouse community and attends many of its events.

Culverhouse’s 2019 Bama Blitz campaign exceeded expectations with $1,752,719.33 raised distributed over 318 gifts, including a $50,000 contribution to Culverhouse by the Hewson Family Foundation in loving memory of their mother and grandmother, Mary E. Adams. This bests 2018’s Bama Blitz campaign

Bama Blitz coincided with the conclusion of We Are UA, the University’s new faculty and staff campaign. During the eight-week campaign, UA employees had the opportunity to support the school, department, student scholarship, building campaign or other area of their choice with 100 percent of their gifts going directly to the respective funds.