Culverhouse Student Update for October 24

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The big news this week is a lecture in the evening of Wednesday, October 26 from Dr. Sharman Apt Russell on A New Paradigm: Why Business may be the Key to Ending World Hunger in Hewson Hall’s Fitzpatrick Auditorium.

The abstract for her talk is as follows:

A quarter of the world’s children are damaged physically and mentally due to a lack of food and nutrients. This is old news. Humans have lived with hunger for a very long time. Today, more and more people working to prevent childhood malnutrition are turning to the crucial role of business and industry in all its many shapes and forms. In her travels to Malawi and India, some of the poorest countries in the world, author Sharman Apt Russell has explored what programs successfully address childhood malnutrition and why. If empowering women is centrally important, so are revving up local economies, supporting smallholder farmers, and building markets and infrastructure. As an environmentalist and science writer, Russell is particularly interested in the connections between healthy children and a healthy Earth. As someone who had long worked with hunger in New Mexico, her talk this Wednesday will include what child malnourishment looks like in Alabama and other parts of America.

All students with an interest in economics, entrepreneurship, and societal change should attend.

Other key highlights:

Allen Fletcher talks about his journey toward enrolling in the Manderson MBA program. Why not consider a path like his? Apply today.

The Culverhouse DEI Speaker Series presents a conversation with Matt Mitchell as part of LGBTQ History Month on Wednesday, October 26 at noon. More info here.

Former UA football player BJ Stabler will present a lecture to Manderson students about the “game of life” on Friday, October 28 at 10 a.m. in Hewson Hall 1017.

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