Culverhouse Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

Mission Statement

We are an inclusive community, committed to personal engagement and dedicated to shaping the future of business through excellence in teaching, research, and service.


To be internationally recognized as a proponent of lifelong learning and lasting change in our community and global society.

Our Values

TIDE Together

  • Transformative
    • We believe in the transformative power of academics and scholarly activity to improve business and society.
  • Innovative
    • We know that our resilience as an organization depends on original, creative thinking and introducing new ideas.
  • Dynamic
    • We embrace change and continuous improvement in all we do.
  • Excellent
    • We strive to be rigorous in all our endeavors, while upholding the highest ethical standards and commitment to social responsibility.
  • Together
    • We are an inclusive community that respects, collaborates, and thrives together.


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