Associate Professor of International Business

Bennett Faculty Fellow in International Business

Department of Management

Research Interests


Ph.D., Saint Louis University
M.B.A., Eastern Illinois University
B.S., Illinois State University


Stan is Associate Professor at The University of Alabama. Prior to earning his Ph.D. in Marketing and International Business from Saint Louis University, he worked twelve years in sales and marketing, primarily for telecommunications and internet companies.

His favorite thing to do is travel with the love of his life, Beth, who has been his amazing wife for 30 years. Beth works as a CFO and did most of the heavy lifting in raising their two grown sons, Ford and Max. Without Beth’s emotional and financial support, Stan would never have earned his Ph.D.

Stan’s first academic job was at The University of Toledo where he developed his passion for teaching students the personal and professional benefits of engaging with others around the world. His research interests center primarily on international marketing strategy focusing on how consumers respond to different marketing branding and positioning strategies. With the help of hardworking coauthors and trusted mentors, Stan has published research in, among others, the Journal of International Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and International Marketing Review.

He currently serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of International Marketing and International Marketing Review, and served a five-year term on the executive board for the Academy of International Business US Southeast chapter.

Selected Publications

UT Dallas List (2)

Financial Times Top 50 (3)

Westjohn, Stanford A., Peter Magnusson, Yi Peng, and Hyeyoon Jung, (2021) “Acting on Anger: Cultural Value Moderators of the Effects of Consumer Animosity,” Journal of International Business Studies, 52 (8), 1591-615 [UT Dallas and FT Top 50]

Magnusson, Peter, Stanford A. Westjohn, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2019), “Beyond Country Image Favorability: How Brand Positioning Via Country Personality Stereotypes Enhances Brand Evaluations,” Journal of International Business Studies, 50 (3), 318-38. [UT Dallas and FT Top 50]

Westjohn, Stanford A., Mark J. Arnold, Peter Magnusson, Srdan Zdravkovic, and Joyce Xin Zhou (2009), “Technology Readiness and Usage: A Global-Identity Perspective,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37 (3), 250-65. [FT Top 50]

Westjohn, Stanford A., Holger Roschk, and Peter Magnusson (2017) “Eastern Versus Western Culture Pricing Strategy: Superstition, Lucky Numbers, and Localization,” Journal of International Marketing, 25 (1), 72-90.

Westjohn, Stanford A. and Peter Magnusson (2017) “Export Performance: A Focus on Discretionary Adaptation,” Journal of International Marketing, 25 (4), 70-88.

Westjohn, Stanford A., Mark J. Arnold, Peter Magnusson, and Kristy Reynolds (2016), “The Influence of Regulatory Focus on Global Consumption Orientation and Preference for Global Versus Local Consumer Culture Positioning,” Journal of International Marketing, 24 (2), 22-39.

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