Associate Professor of Finance

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Research Interests


Ph.D., Finance, Boston College, 2016
M.S., Tsinghua University
B.S., Tsinghua University

Selected Publications

“Insider Trading and Shareholder Investment Horizons.” (With Xudong Fu, Lori Tang, and Xinyan Yan.) Journal of Corporate Finance. June 2020.

“Government Spending and Corporate Innovation.” Management Science. April 2020.

“Top Management Human Capital, Inventor Mobility, and Corporate Innovation.” (With Thomas Chemmanur, Karthik Krishnan, and Qianqian Yu.) Journal of Financial and Quantitative Economics. December 2019.

“The Conglomerate Network.” (With Kenneth Ahern and Xinyan Yan.) Working Paper.

“Human Capital, Management Quality, and Firm Performance.” (With Thomas Chemmanur, Karthik Krishnan and Qianqian Yu.) Working Paper.

“Internal Capital Markets in Conglomerate Firms: Evidence from Presidential Cycles.” (With Darren Kisgen.) Working Paper.

“Product Consumption and Information Digestion.” (With Chengwei Wang.) Working Paper.

“Inter-state Trade Network and Merger Propagation.” (With Xinyan Yan.) Working Paper.