Sherwood Clements

  • December 17th, 2018
Sherwood Clements
EFLS, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Instructor of Real Estate
William Cary Hulsey Faculty Fellow
Phone:205 348-2927
Education:Ph.D., Georgia State University, 2010, Real Estate
M.B.A., Augusta State University, 2005, Management
B.B.A., University of Georgia, 1993, Real Estate

Honors, Achievements & Affiliations

Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - GA

Editorial Review Board Member, International Journal of Financial Research. (November 2016 - Present).

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Real Estate Literature. (September - July 2014).

Focus and Current Research

Real Estate Valuation



Selected Publications

“Herding Behavior among Residential Developers.” (With S. Ro. P. Gallimoro and G. Fan.) Journal of Real Estate, Finance and Economics. Forthcoming.

"Futures Markets and Real Estate Public Equity: Connectivity of Lumber Futures and Timber REITs." (With A. Tidwell and C Jin.) Journal of Forest Economics. 2017.

“Lumber Futures and Timberland Investment.” (With Alan Ziobrowski and Mark Holder.) Journal of Real Estate Research. Winter 2011.

“Testing a Forecast Model to Predict Movement of Older Americans into Retirement Housing.” (With Karen Gibler.) International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis. Winter 2011.

“The Inflation Hedging Ability of Real Estate in China.” (With Xiaorong Zhou.) Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. Fall 2010.

"Experience and Real Estate Investment Decision-making: A Process-Tracing Investigation." (With Vivek Sah and Paul Gallimore.) Journal of Property Research. September, 2010.

“Mixed-Use Development and Financial Factors: Part 1 – Economic and Financial Factors.” (With Joseph Rabianski, Karen Gibler and Alan Tidwell.) Real Estate Issues. Spring 2009.

"Mixed-Use Development and Financial Factors: Part 2 - Physical, Phasing, Design and Public Policy Factors." (With Joseph Rabianski, Karen Gibler and Alan Tidwell.) Real Estate Issues. Summer 2009.

"Mixed-Use Development: A Call for Research." (With Joseph Rabianski, Karen Gibler and Alan Tidwell.) Journal of Real Estate Literature. 2009.