Peter Brummund

  • December 17th, 2018
Peter Brummund
Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Associate Professor
Education:Ph.D., Cornell University, 2012, Economics

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Honors, Achievements & Affiliations

ILR Research Assistance Grant, Cornell University. (2012).

Focus and Current Research

Labor Economics

Development Economics

Selected Publications

"Does Employment Respond Differently to Minimum Wage Increases in the Presence of Inflation Indexing?" (With Michael Strain) Journal of Human Resources. Forthcoming.

"Who Creates Stable Jobs? Evidence from Brazil." (With Laura Connolly.) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. Forthcoming.

"Job Quality and Poverty in Latin America." (With Christopher Mann and Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan.) Review of Development Economics. Forthcoming.

"Trends in Occupational Segregation by Gender 1970-2009: Adjusting for the Impact of Changes in the Occupational Coding System." (With Francine D. Blau and Albert Yung-Hsu Liu.) Demography. April 2013.

“Is There Still Son Preference in the United States?” (With Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn, Jason Cook and Miriam Larson-Koester.) NBER Working Paper No. 23816.

“Variation in Wage Mark Downs across Establishments: Evidence from the Indonesian Labor Market.” Working Paper.

“Asymmetric Non-Separation and Rural Labor Markets." (With Brian Dillon and Germano Mwabu.) Working Paper.

“Should Farmers Farm More? Comparing Marginal Products within Malawian Households.” (With Joshua D. Merfeld.) Working Paper.

“How Do Restaurants Pay for the Minimum Wage?” Working Paper.