Paan Jindapon

  • December 17th, 2018
Paan Jindapon
Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty, TIDE Lab
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Associate Professor of Economics
Education:Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2006, Economics


Focus and Current Research

Behavioral Decision Theory

Industrial Organization

Selected Publications

“Risk Attitudes and Heterogeneity in Simultaneous and Sequential Contests.” (With Zhe Yang.) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. June 2017.

"Risk Lovers and the Rent Over-investment Puzzle.” (With Chris Whaley.) Public Choice. July 2015.

"Price Discrimination through Refund Contracts in Airlines." (With Diego Escobari.) International Journal of Industrial Organization. May 2014.

"Persuasive Communication when the Sender's Incentives are Uncertain." (With Carlos Oyarzun.) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. November 2013.

“Do Risk Lovers Invest in Self-Protection?” Economics Letters. November 2013.

“On the Economics of Interrogation:  The Big 4 Versus the Little Fish Game.” (With Walter Enders.)  Journal of Peace Research.  May 2011.

“Prudence Probability Premium.” Economics Letters. October 2010.

“Network Externalities and the Structure of Terror Networks.”  (With Walter Enders.) Journal of Conflict Resolution. April 2010.

"The Impact of Societal Risk Attitude on Terrorism and Counterterrorism.” (With William S. Neilson.) Economics and Politics. November 2009.

“Option Price without Expected Utility.” (With W. Douglass Shaw.) Economics Letters. September 2008

“Higher-order Generalizations of Arrow-Pratt and Ross Risk Aversion: A Comparative Statics Approach.”  (With William S. Neilson.) Journal of Economic Theory.  September 2007.

“Competition and Market Making with Nonlinear Quotes.” (With Hae-shin Hwang.) Working Paper.

“Political Business Cycles in a Dynamic Bipartisan Voting Model.” (With Matt Van Essen.) Working Paper.

“Free Riders and Public Good Provision in Morgan’s Lottery.” (With Zhe Yang.) Working Paper.

“Prize Linked Savings Games: Theory and Experiment.” (With Pacharasut Sujarittanonta and Ajalavat Viriyavipart.) Working Paper.

“Comparative Risk Apportionment.” (With Liqun Liu and William Neilson.) Working Paper.