Laura Razzolini

  • December 17th, 2018
Laura Razzolini
Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty, TIDE Lab
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Department Head
Education:Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1994, Economics


Focus and Current Research

Experimental Economics

Public Finance

Selected Publications

“Giving, Taking, Earned Money, and Cooperation in Public Goods Games.” (With C. Cox, O. Korenok and E. Millner.) Economics Letters. Forthcoming.

“Taking Aversion.” (With O. Korenok and E. Millner.) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. June 2018.

"Altruism and Feelings of Ownership." (With O. Korenok and E. Millner.) Journal of Economic Psychology. 2017.

“Nudging Museums Attendance: A Field Experiment with High School Teens.” (With P. Lattarulo and M. Mariani.) Journal of Cultural Economics. 2016.

“Indirect Ethics and Backdoor Bailouts: The Case of AIG.” (with D. G. Arce). Journal of Business Ethics. 2016.

“The Paradox of Misaligned Profiling.” (With C. Holt, A. Kydd and R. Sheremeta.) Journal of Conflict Resolution. 2016.

“Taking, Giving, and Impure Altruism in Dictator Games.” (With O. Korenok and E. Millner.) Experimental Economics. 2014.

“Traffic Congestion: An Experimental Study of the Downs-Thompson Paradox.” (With E. Dechenaux and S. Mago.) Experimental Economics.

"Impure Altruism in Dictators’ Giving.” (With O. Korenok and E. Millner.) Journal of Public Economics. 2013.

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"Congestion Allocation for Distributed Networks:  An Experiment Study."  (With Y. Chen and T. Turocy.)  Economic Theory.  2007.

"The Conservative Equal Costs Rule, the Serial Cost Sharing Rule and the Pivotal Mechanism:  Asymptotic Welfare Loss Comparisions for the Case of an Excludable Public Project."  (With R. Deb and T.K. Seo) Review of Economic. 2006.

"Auction-Like Mechanisms for Pricing Excludable Public Goods."  (With R. Deb.)  Journal of Economic Theory.  1999.