Jef Naidoo

  • December 17th, 2018
Jef Naidoo
Faculty, Faculty Affiliates, IBA, Management, Management Ph.D. Faculty, TIDE Lab
Title:Associate Professor of Management and The Derrell Thomas Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellow
Education:Ph.D., University of Alabama

Focus and Current Research

Jef’s research focuses on 1) leveraging decision-modeling to architect intuitive interfaces for communicating data-driven insights to support organizational business intelligence objectives, and 2) opening up new perspectives and provoking thought about the pervasive employment of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in the practice and advancement of management communication processes.

To date, he has accummulated $8,762,728 in research grants.

Selected Publications

  • Naidoo, J. S., Graves, E. M., Dulek, R. E., Hong, Y. H. The Eye As a Window to the Soul:  Entering the Strategic Entrepreneurial Mind. (In Press)
  • Campbell, K. S., Naidoo, J. S., Campbell, S. M. (2020). Hard and Soft Sell? Understanding White papers as Content Marketing. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 63(1), 21-38 doi: 10.1109/TPC.2019.2961000
  • Ellinger, A. E., Naidoo, J. S., Ellinger, A., Filips, K., Herrin, G. D. (2020). Applying Blue Ocean Strategy to Hire and Assimilate Disabled Workers into Distribution Centers. Business Horizons, 63(3), 339-350.
  • Naidoo, J. S., Dulek, R. E. (2018) Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business Communication: A Snapshot. International Journal of Business Communication.  doi:10.1177/2329488418819139
  • Jackson, W. E., Marino, L. D., Naidoo, J. S., Tucker, R. (2018). Size Matters: The Impact of Loan Size on Measures of Disparate Treatment toward Minority Entrepreneurs in the Small Firm Credit Market. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 8(4).
  • Naidoo, J. S., Dulek, R. E. (2017). Leading by Tweeting: Are Deans Doing It? An Exploratory Analysis of Tweets by SEC Business School Deans. International Journal of Business Communication, 54(1), 31-51.
  • Campbell, K. S., Amare, N., Kane, E., Manning, A., Naidoo, J. S. (2017). Plain Style Writing Preferences of US Professionals. IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication (Special Issue on Plain Language), (99), 1-11.
  • Campbell, K. S., Naidoo, J. S. (2016). Rhetorical Moves in High-Tech Marketing White Papers. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 31(1), 94-118.
  • Campbell, K. S., Carmichael, P., Naidoo, J. S. (2015). Responding to Hostility: Evidence-Based Guidance for Communication During Planned Organizational Change. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 78(2).