Changing The World

Manderson is training the best of tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers today. This is more than a place of learning—it is a place of ideas and innovation. By promoting the independence of thought and a rigorous academic curriculum, it’s no wonder that Manderson’s Ph.D. programs are among the best in the country and among the oldest in the south.

Our Ph.D. program prepares candidates for roles as educators at prominent academic institutions and universities where the extensive research capabilities learned at Manderson are a necessity. We facilitate these ambitions through a rigorous curriculum that, among its stated goals, requires from its students a dissertation, three to five years of research-intensive learning, and independent inquiry, along with close coordination with faculty who oversee the candidate’s doctoral program.

Our renowned faculty and state-of-the-art programs produce dissertations and academics who are recognized internationally as thought leaders and innovators. By beginning at Manderson, students stand a greater chance of working with some of the greatest academic research institutions. This gives them a front seat to the ideas that are not only changing tomorrow but altogether reinventing it.

If seeing your ideas come to life is something you envision for your future, then step into Manderson today.

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