Culverhouse Stands Out at 2024 URCA


Culverhouse faculty and students brought credit to the College at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference (URCA) at the end of last month, with Culverhouse students and/or faculty helping bring home five awards. Winners were recognized at an awards luncheon on Friday, April 12.

Student Faculty Winners

Culverhouse Student Participants by Team

Culverhouse Faculty and Staff Sponsors

Culverhouse faculty and staff sponsors included Dr. Abhi Bhattacharya, Dr. Gregory Bott, Dr. Irem Orgut, Dr. Joshua Eyer, Dr. Lou Marino, Dr. Maria Sochi, Dr. Mark Schneider, Dr. Michael Price, Dr. Nickolas Freeman, Dr. Paan Jindapon, Dr. Parth Venkat, Dr. Paul Drnevich, Dr. Peter Brummund, Dr. Peter Harms, Quoc Hoang, Dr. Shawn Mobbs, Dr. Thomas English, and Dr. Tigran Melkonyan.

Culverhouse Faculty Scholars

Culverhouse faculty scholars participating were Donovan Gilliam, Bailey Liddle, Jake Litzau, Nicholas Lowery, Sarah Manning, Andrea Mendez, Abrar Nasser, Kristen Neill, Reese Oberski, Michael Fudge, Luke Janik, Jordan Copenhaver, Lucy Besch, and Tristan Montgomery.

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