More than Numbers: Manderson Master’s of Finance Graduate Danielle Spencer

Danielle Spencer

We caught up with Manderson Master’s of Finance graduate (2023) Danielle Spencer earlier this spring to discuss her experiences at Manderson and her plans for the future.

Where are you from?

Madison, AL.

What led you to UA?

The beautiful campus and highly-ranked business school led me to UA. The Culverhouse College of Business is a nationally ranked business school with top professors and alums who are trailblazing paths in the business field. I knew that a degree from The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business would challenge me academically, giving me those analytical skills employers seek.

What led you to business in general, and your area specifically?

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I have always enjoyed learning and had a passion for analysis and solving problems. Once I arrived on campus, I found finance has an area that involves both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

There is much more to finance than numbers; it affects all parts of the business. My favorite aspect of finance is the opportunity to grow through different specializations and certifications. It is a challenge; finance is not easy.

What has been your experience with your master’s program?

My experience with my master’s program has been excellent. Completing my undergraduate at The University of Alabama and immediately starting the master’s program was a smooth transition. During orientation, I was able to meet students in different graduate programs, introduced to clubs and organizations, and the numerous opportunities offered to graduate students. During the past year in the master’s program, I have gained multiple connections, became involved in unique partnerships and initiatives, and amassed a vast knowledge of the finance world.

What’s next for you? What are your career goals?

I am graduating on May 6, 2023, and will relocate to Birmingham, AL, to begin my financial career as a Corporate Banking Analyst with Regions Bank. My career goals are to pursue certifications in finance through the Series exams. Later, I plan to pursue a successful career as a Chief Financial Officer for a Fortune 500 company or start my own investment firm.

Danielle won the 2023 Malone Awards Outstanding Graduate.

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