Taking the Stress out of Planning for Success

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Going back to school after a summer spent hanging out with friends, taking trips with family, and possibly working a part-time job can be especially hard. Between preparing for classes and trying to re-establish a routine, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The start of a new school year is also when students tend to begin thinking about the future, which can also be a source of stress.

However, it doesn’t have to be.
The Career Center at The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business has students covered with countless resources enabling them to explore job and internship opportunities, develop essential skills, and connect students with other students and employers.


The first, and perhaps the most important, step in planning for the future is to explore what’s out there. This not only means exploring various majors, concentrations, and careers but how to tie these into one’s own interests and strengths as well. The Career Center offers a self-assessment, where students can take a deep dive into their values and learn more about which major, and eventually, career, will suit them best and set them up for success.

Once students have a better handle on the type of work they might enjoy, it is time to start researching majors that will help them pave the way there. The Career Center teaches students about each of the seven majors and various degree concentrations that Culverhouse offers and helps them decide which one will prepare them best for the career they want to pursue.


Once students have explored majors and careers and have a game plan, it is all about preparation. Culverhouse’s Career Center offers workshops, critique sessions, and professional development programs to help students fine-tune their resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. Then there’s Culverhouse Connections, which is a mentorship program that enriches the skillset of business students through learning from and networking with working professionals.

Additionally, the Culverhouse Career center provided examples of resumes and cover letters for different positions and industries. Students can view these examples right on the Career Center’s website, which makes it convenient for them to learn how to write a resume that is appealing to a recruiter. Students can also become more confident in their conversational skills through mock interviews that the College offers. The Career Center will tailor these mock interviews to the position the student is interviewing for or hopes to interview for.


Finally, it is time to bring everything together and develop meaningful connections with mentors, employers, and peers. Handshake is UA’s online recruitment platform for students and employers. The website serves as students’ one-stop-shop for any information regarding career fairs, company panels, and other recruitment events. Students build profiles highlighting their education and experience, whereas employers and recruiters post jobs, review applications, and host on-campus interviews and informational sessions.

Other ways employers stay engaged are by participating in student organization meetings, hosting office hours, and serving as a mentor to students.

To learn more about the resources that the Culverhouse Career Center has to offer, please visit careercenter.culverhouse.ua.edu.

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