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Did you know that the majority of college degrees awarded were in business fields?


Students in marketing majors study how to win the trust of consumers, and how to maintain and enrich consumer relationships. They also learn the ins and outs of market research and data analysis. Students who want to use their understanding of social media can help Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, and non-profit organizations tell their story online in order to measure their digital impact.

Most schools will encourage you to choose a specific area of marketing to specialize in. Culverhouse offers several marketing specializations:

  • International Business If you’d love to travel the world doing business for a multinational corporation, this might be the program for you. The main objective of this specialization is to give you a commerce-oriented perspective on the global economy. Possible Careers: Management Analyst, International Accountant
  • Sales: This one is for the social butterflies—it focuses on customer relationship cultivation and account management. The curriculum covers sales theory, revenue generation, and business ethics. Possible Careers: Sales Lead, Account Executive
  • Services Marketing: Are you obsessed with organization and planning? This specialization teaches students how to organize and reimagine business operations. Possible Careers: Project Manager, Logistics Expert


Students enrolled in a management program build their skills in leadership, innovation, communication, and decision-making. They learn to efficiently organize and use an organization’s assets in the business world. “A recent collaborative research project with an elite Fortune 500 company provided an opportunity for me to expose my students to a real-world, complex business problem that lacked a clear solution and approach,” shares Jef Naidoo, an Assistant Professor of Management at Culverhouse.

Like marketing, most management programs have areas you can specialize in. Culverhouse’s management programs include:

  • Entrepreneurship: Do you dream of owning your own business someday? Culverhouse’s entrepreneurship program pairs students with experienced entrepreneurs to gain hands-on experience in building sustainable and profitable businesses. Possible Careers: Business Owner, Marketing Consultant
  • Healthcare Analytics: Students in this specialization learn how to obtain and process data to produce decisions that create better outcomes for both healthcare organizations and patients. Possible Careers: Data Analyst, Healthcare Policy Researcher
  • Human Resource Management: Do you consider yourself the peacekeeper of your friend group? This specialization emphasizes coursework that prepares students to strategically address human resource issues and improve organizational performance. Possible Careers: Corporate Recruiter, Office Manager
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