Bama Means Business Podcast: Kendall Roden

The Culverhouse College of Business presents Bama Means Business the podcast

On this episode of Bama Means Business, University of Alabama and Culverhouse alumnus Kendall Roden returns to Tuscaloosa. Roden walks through her time at Alabama and Microsoft since graduating from the university in 2016, shares her inspiration for a mentorship program, and reminisces on fundamental moments from her time on campus. She emphasizes the importance of trying new things while in college and engaging in the opportunities at Alabama.

Roden says that one of her favorite parts about returning to Tuscaloosa is speaking with students and sharing the experiences, both good and bad, that helped shape her. It is important to Roden to present her authentic self to students and encourage them to shift their mindset regarding their futures. She urges people to stop thinking about what they want to do in life, and instead, find the unique value that they can contribute to the world. Roden says this will allow people to constantly reevaluate their passions and how to utilize them, leading to a much more fulfilling career, and ultimately, life. When asked about advice she would give to students and her younger self, she wanted to tell them not to be too hard on themselves and not pay too much mind to any perceived “failures.”

The Bama Means Business Podcast offers a unique perspective on a variety of topics from some of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the college.

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