Bama Blitz 2021 Launches April 12 at Noon

Communications Commons

Bama Blitz, The University of Alabama‚Äôs annual online fundraising drive, launches Monday, April 12 at noon and concludes at Thursday, April 15 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Every college across campus has its own cause. For our college, the priority is the Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons, which is a vital resource that provides technology to help students produce coursework, presentations, and professional portfolios.

But much more than that, the Commons is also the place to workshop ideas and get actionable advice on how to best articulate a complicated idea in a business setting.

Gifts made through Bama Blitz will allow the Commons to make an immediate investment in new equipment and human capital to better serve pressing student needs. The primary priorities include:

  1. Establish a design studio to teach students how to elevate communication through creativity.
  2. Integrate a video lab to allow students to create professional-grade multimedia presentations and job portfolio materials.
  3. Upgrade computers, printers, and other business technology to improve the ability to assist students.

More about the Commons and Bama Blitz here or watch the overview video below.

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Director of Marketing & Communications