Updates on Instructional Modes and Scheduling for Manderson Students

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We hope that all of you and your families are safe and well and had a great July 4th weekend. We understand that you are anxious to learn what your fall schedule looks like and we hope you find this update helpful in anticipation of a final schedule  publication in 10 days. We recommend delaying your individual schedule changes until all of these college-generated modifications have been made.

Info on Scheduling for Manderson Students

Changes to your schedule, made to maximize in-person instruction, will be made in phases over the next 7-10 days, so it is important that you check your Crimson email and Blackboard daily for additional information and updates.

Our driving mandate in all of our planning has and will continue to be providing you with the most in-person learning experiences as possible, while protecting the health and safety of the entire Culverhouse and Manderson community. We are confident that we will accomplish this mandate to the fullest extent possible.

Over the next 7-10 days, your course schedule as published in MyBama will continue to be in flux. You may notice changes in room assignments, instructional methods, and enrollment limits that differ from your expectations. Until you receive an email regarding your specific schedule, this information should be viewed as a work in progress. Once finalized, you will have time to make adjustments to your schedule if needed.

For more info, please contact the program coordinator for your area of study:

Instructional Mode Info

The instructional methods in your fall classes may vary, and we are working to maximize the degree to which all Manderson students have an in-person learning experience this fall.

The instructional modes are:

  • Half of our fall Culverhouse classes will be taught using the Face-to-Face (FA) method, which is the traditional, fully in-person approach, with all students attending all class sessions in person.  Lectures and other materials will be available to all students through Blackboard.
  • Twenty percent of our fall Culverhouse classes will be taught using the Hybrid (HY) method, meaning they will have rotating schedules. For example, for a Tuesday-Thursday class, half the class will attend in person Tuesday and online Thursday, and the other half will attend online Tuesday and in person Thursday.  Hybrid also could mean video lectures with class time reserved for Q and A, working problems, or testing. As with face to face, lectures and other materials will be available to all students through Blackboard.
  • Twenty percent of our fall Culverhouse classes will be taught using the Interactive Audio / Video (AV) method, meaning that classes may be taught online (e.g., Zoom) at the scheduled time; students will log in remotely for the lecture. Again, all lectures and other materials will be available through Blackboard.
  • The remaining 10% of our fall Culverhouse classes will be taught using the Internet (IN) method, meaning that course content will be pre-recorded for the students to watch when and where convenient.

We are committed to delivering a rich, interactive, and high quality learning experience, across all instructional methods.

Regardless of instructional method, if illness or proximity causes you to be unable to attend class in-person, you will be able to experience the class online – for the entire semester, or a portion of the semester as needed. 

A limited number of unoccupied classrooms will be available by reservation for students to participate in online class sessions, while maintaining social distancing.  Outside the classroom activities are also important, such as:

  • Office hours, tutoring, and advising all will be available; formats will vary.
  • Co-curricular activities, including professional development, corporate, and student organizational events and meetings will take place; formats will vary.

We want you to know The University of Alabama and Culverhouse College of Business are working countless hours to ensure you receive the best academic experience we can offer, as well as to ensure your health and safety.

We will continue to keep you posted as your fall schedule is updated – please read your Crimson email daily. University updates can be found at https://healthinfo.ua.edu/student-faqs/.

And if you need any assistance, please contact your program coordinator, referenced above.

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