Late April Updates on Coronavirus Research and Outreach at Culverhouse

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Recently, the Culverhouse College of Business highlighted some ways that its faculty, staff, and outreach centers have approached tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, that activity has not abated.

Research and Outreach

The College’s Institute of Business Analytics, or IBA, has been committed to being a nexus of connectivity to better serve students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it has created a resource hub with info on grant research funding opportunities and resources.

Culverhouse‘s Associate Dean for Research, Dr. James Cochran, has contributed several articles to Significance magazine taking a statistician’s approach toward looking at the coronavirus pandemic. One is on exponential growth, the other on the need for additional testing.

The Alabama Center for Real Estate, or ACRE, is a research and outreach center located within the Culverhouse College of Business that not only focuses on the state’s real estate market, but also conducts research into broader economic trends that may impact real estate in general. As one can imagine, the current coronavirus pandemic is dramatically affecting markets both locally and across the globe. Here is a round-up of various content, including videos, white papers, and research updates that are related to the ongoing pandemic

PPE Campaign Continues

To help healthcare workers across the state who are confronting the coronavirus pandemic, The University of Alabama community has come together to help provide 3D-printed personal protective equipment, or PPE. Programs that are part of Culverhouse are a key part of this effort, which also includes UA’s College of Engineering and College of Community Health Sciences.

In order to raise much-needed funds to support the purchase of raw materials, a crowdfunding campaign was launched earlier this month. And with a few days left in the campaign, now’s the time to get involved.

Helping the Community

Culverhouse students will provide free online tutoring and academic engagement sessions for the remainder of the school year in a partnership with Birmingham City Schools and the Tuscaloosa County School System.

“We believe that we have a way to help alleviate some of the stress and burden on both public school teachers and administrators and parents of the children,” said Lisa McKinney, director of the Culverhouse LIFT Program and leading the tutoring effort at UA.

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