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Real Estate is a minor in the Culverhouse College of Business, offered through the Department of Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies, and continues The University of Alabama’s real estate legacy that began over 80 years ago. Designed to provide students with a background in real estate fundamentals and decision making, the Real Estate Minor combines many academic disciplines, including finance, economics, sales, management, and law.

In addition, students have a unique opportunity to be eligible to take the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License exam after completing two real estate courses. A Real Estate Minor qualifies graduates for the Institute of Real Estate Management’s Certified Property Manager (CPM) fast track program. Another benefit to students is the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s (ACRE) Collegiate Career Assistance Program (CCAP). Within the Culverhouse College of Business, CCAP provides student support and resources for professional development and real estate internship/employment opportunities.

Course offerings are available in The University of Alabama catalog.

Contact your academic advisor to discuss adding the Real Estate Minor.

Real Estate is also available as a focus for MBA and Master’s of Science in Finance students.

Student Resources

Scholarships are awarded annually:

  • Berry & Gilbert, Roy Bragg Scholarship
  • H. Crow Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul Corwin, Jr. Scholastic Awards
  • William C. Hulsey Endowed Scholarships
  • Rance M. Sanders Endowed Scholarships

For more information about scholarships, please contact Ms. Dixie Hamner at or Dr. Alan Tidwell at

Alpha Sigma Gamma

The Alpha Sigma Gamma Society is sponsored by the American Real Estate Society. The American Real Estate Society (ARES) is an international organization composed of academics, professionals and institutions dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge related to real estate decision making and the functioning of real estate markets. The University of Alabama’s chapter was established in 2008. If you qualify and would like to join, please email Dr. Alan Tidwell at

Culverhouse Real Estate Society (CRES)

We are an honors society at the University of Alabama that strives to promote professional excellence through communication between the academic and business communities, to assist students in the transition into real estate careers, and to develop future leaders in the real estate industry.

Capstone Collegiate Real Estate Academy

The goal of this organization is formal real estate career development. This includes providing on & off-campus industry engagement, exclusive student member resources, and opportunities for real estate students as they prepare for internships and jobs during their undergraduate and graduate Capstone academic experience. Events and programs within the Academy will include but are not limited to, guest speakers, skill building such as online financial modeling courses, national competitions, a mentorship program, and more. Membership is open to all juniors and seniors who are Real Estate minors and want to take the extra step to set themselves up for success by earning the Academy’s industry-recognized “Pathway Advantage” Certificate.

Student Real Estate Investment Fund

SREIF is a student-managed investment fund at UA that seeks to invest capital into real estate.  Using both public and private investment strategies, SREIF prepares driven students interested in commercial real estate for a variety of career paths within the industry. Members are trained in the fundamentals of real estate investment and gain experience in analyzing both public REITs and private investment opportunities.  In addition, SREIF members are provided with the invaluable experience of interacting with equity partners and getting exposure to the process behind live real estate deals.

Career Opportunities in Real Estate (CORE)

CORE is an online credentialing program for underrepresented groups, preparing participants for jobs in the real estate industry under the tenets of awareness, readiness, and connection while also providing remote life and skill-based coaching.

Students of the Culverhouse Real Estate Program have a unique opportunity to be eligible to take the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License exam after completing two real estate courses! Two real estate courses count for the required 60-hour pre-license course.

Students must take and earn a letter grade of C or better in Principles of Real Estate (FI 331 or FI 534) AND one of the following courses:

    • LGS 407 Real Estate & Personal Property Law
    • FI 432 Real Estate Appraisal
    • FI 434 Real Estate Management
    • FI 436 Real Estate Finance & Invest
    • FI 497 Real Estate Invest & Development
    • FI 534  Seminar in Real Estate (graduate)
    • FI 535 Real Estate Invest & Development (graduate)

Students have only 6 months from the date of your last real estate course to take the state exam. If you let this time period lapse, you will have to retake a 60-hour pre-license course in order to sit for the Alabama real estate salesperson exam.

Other requirements for the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson exam include:

    • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien or legally present in the U.S.;
    • Be at least 19 years old;
    • Show proof of bona fide residency in any state in the U.S.;
    • Show proof of high school graduation or GED;
    • Not have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude;
    • Not have had a real estate application or license rejected or revoked in any state within the past two years
    • After meeting the education and/or experience requirements, pass the license examination.
    • After completing the real estate courses, to start the process of registering to take the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License exam email Dr. Alan Tidwell at for more information.

Our Real Estate Minor qualifies graduates for the Institute of Real Estate Management’s Certified Property Manager (CPM) fast track program.

IREM’s requirements state that students, “Have an undergraduate or graduate degree with a major, minor, or concentration in real estate or property management from a regionally accredited college or university. To be approved for this fast track you must (1) be a CPM® Candidate, and (2) submit an official transcript that lists your degree with a major, minor, or concentration in real estate or property management.”

Learn more about how to earn your CPM designation on IREM’s website.

Graduates of the Culverhouse Real Estate Program have diverse jobs all over the United States!

The Collegiate Career Assistance Program (CCAP) is ACRE’s new platform for serving Alabama’s next generation of real estate talent and the firms that provide experience and employment opportunities while benefiting in the process. CCAP delivers many career-related opportunities for collegiate students interested in real estate from all across the State of Alabama. Students can actively engage in the real estate industry during their undergraduate years. Our goal is for the student to be able to confidently share upon graduation – “I am career ready!”

CCAP offers information on the types of careers within the real estate industry including necessary skillsets, personality traits, and the income potential typically associated with each career option. The process also includes learning about local markets of interest to the student and studying profiles of the nation’s top performers under 30 in their respective fields along with connecting with recent graduates who’ve earned that first career break and are willing to give back to those coming behind them.

Working by CCAP, students will become keenly aware of the career partners and resources available from real estate organizations representing virtually every discipline. They will learn to engage with the industry while in college by becoming a student member of one or more of these organizations that will literally open global networking and mentoring opportunities. Finally, the CCAP website provides both organic and convenient links to 3rd party career related placement sites.

To learn more about different career paths within the real estate community visit our Career Exploration page that explores multiple job types, organizations, and resources.

Students can upload a resume to our Student Profiles page to be considered for current and future job opportunities.



The Culverhouse Real Estate Program began with its first graduate in 1931. There are now over 1,700 graduates across the country who studied real estate at The University of Alabama!



Become Career Ambassador



Culverhouse Real Estate students are looking for opportunities to learn. ACRE acts as a liaison between companies who are looking to hire fresh talent and UA Real Estate students.

To post an internship, part-time opportunity, or a full-time opportunity, please visit our Employment Opportunities page. As a service we will post job listings for companies, as requested. Each posting will be listed for three months, or until specifically requested to remove the listing. To list a job opportunity, companies are asked to complete the company submission form.

Summer Competitive Internships are regular summer internships that students can continuously view and work for throughout the school year. We ask only employers who offer summer internships continuously each year to submit their information on this page. Otherwise please submit your information on the Employment Opportunities page. As a service we will post summer competitive internship listings for companies, as requested. Each posting will be listed throughout the year or until specifically requested to remove the listing. To list a summer competitive internship opportunity, companies are asked to complete the summer competitive internship company submission form.

As with any new initiative we certainly anticipate a few near-term hiccups. We want to encourage you to contact us by phone or email with any questions, concerns, or even suggestions. Within a short period of time, we will publish a FAQ section that will benefit future users. Thank you for your support as we continue to advance relationships that positively impact Alabama’s real estate industry.

Grayson Glaze
CCAP Visionary
ACRE Executive Director

First NameLast NameTitle/CompanySector
GarryAdamsFounder & CEORetail
KnoxAuerbachTruistRE Investment Banking

President of M Banks Realty Partners/Multifamily Chairman at SHR Residential/

Board member with Satori Collective and  Nirvana Capital Group

KyleBishopMarcus & Millichap/podcastRetail
BeauFowlerWedgewood AvenuePrivate Equity
GraysonGlazeExecutive Director ACREUA Member
SteveHewettEVP & Chief Investment OfficerSanders Trust


Financing Healthcare

ChadLavenderVice Chairman, Health & Alternatives AssetsHealthcare
GaryKobusSenior Managing Dirctor, Lincoln Property CompanyInvestment Management
MarshallLoebPresident & Chief Executive Officer, EastGroup (REIT)Industrial
PatrickMarshManaging Director / Client Advisor  Alex BrownInvestments
JohnMejiaFounder & CEO Providence InvestmentsResidential
ChrisMitchellVice Chairman Board of Directors, Marshall & Stevens, Inc.

Valuation services related to

corporate governance

MikeMouronChairman, Capstone Real Estate Investments, LLCStudent Housing
AlanTidwellAssociate Prof. of Finance/Chair of Real Estate UAFaculty Advisor
GardnerLeePrincipal/Co-Founder Growth Capital PartnersAdjunct Instructor