O. Alan


Associate Professor of Finance

Alabama Association of Realtors Chair of Real Estate

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Area of Expertise

Research Interests


Dr. Alan Tidwell is an Associate Professor of Finance, the Alabama Association of Realtors® Chair of Real Estate, and Director of the Real Estate Program at the University of Alabama. Dr. Tidwell is a committed educator and has had the opportunity and has been recognized for excellence in teaching courses spanning the disciplines of real estate, finance, risk management, and quantitative analysis. Dr. Tidwell serves the profession in editorial, advisory, and reviewer roles with academic and/or industry journal outlets and is listed among the top 25 Global Real Estate Researchers (2022). He has published in highly regarded real estate finance and economic journals, including Real Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Research, Applied Economics, Journal of Housing Research, Journal of Property Research, Cities, Journal of Forest Economics, Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, and Real Estate Issues. Several papers have been recognized by conferences as the “best” paper category award winner, and papers I have co-authored have been presented at academic conferences such as the American Real Estate Society, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Financial Management Association, Urban Economics Association, and the Academy of Financial Services. His research has been referenced by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times among other media outlets.

Dr. Tidwell has a proven track record of excellence in leadership and development. For the past few years, he has served as the AAR Chair of Real Estate and acting as a real estate program director at the University of Alabama. During that time, the real estate team has substantially expanded the scope of the Real Estate Program while implementing best practices that foster an atmosphere of excitement and growth substantially increasing academic offerings and student enrollment. He has also been afforded the opportunity to participate in several professional and consulting projects with global, regional, and local corporations, a municipality, and the state of Georgia and currently hold the Appraisal Institute’s MAI Appraisal Designation. In the community, Dr. Tidwell serves on the Advisory Board of Catholic Social Services of West Alabama, and the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE).

Selected Publications

Luo, S., and Tidwell, A.. “Hidden Financial Costs of the Opioid Crisis: Evidence from Mortgage Originations.” The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (2023): 1-25.

Cifci, E., Tidwell, A., Clements, J. S., & Jauregui, A. (2023). Housing Performance and the Electorate. Journal of Real Estate Research, 1-23.

Tidwell, A., Lu, Y., Lee, J., & Banerjee, P. (2023). Nature of comovements in US state and MSA housing prices. Real Estate Economics.

Cifci, E., Tidwell, A., Mortal, S., & Gupta, V. K. (2022). Is Commercial Real Estate Gendered?. Journal of Real Estate Research, 1-32.

Luo, S., Tidwell, A., & Clements, S. (2021). Does political uncertainty affect residential development?. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 1-21.

Lee, S., Tidwell, A., & Jin, C. (2021). Residential housing market and bank stability: focusing on OECD and emerging Asian countries. Journal of Real Estate Research, 43(2), 248-270.

Ling, D., Ray, S., Tidwell, A., & Xu, L. (2020). Value implications of REITing and DeREITing. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.