O. Alan


Associate Professor of Finance

Alabama Association of Realtors Chair of Real Estate

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Research Interests


Dr. Alan Tidwell joined the Department of Economics, Finance and Legal Studies as an Associate Professor of Finance, and the Alabama Association of Realtors® Chair of Real Estate in 2017. Previously, he was an Associate Professor of Finance, and the Violet Litchfield and Thomas Bryant Buck, Jr. Chair in Real Estate at Columbus State University. He has published in Real Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Research, Applied Economics, Journal of Housing Research, Journal of Property Research, Journal of Forest Economics, Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, and Real Estate Issues. Dr. Tidwell has won awards for “top papers” in the CoStar, Multifamily, and industrial categories, respectively, through the American Real Estate Society. Dr. Tidwell is also on the editorial boards of the Appraisal Journal, and the Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education. He has substantial industry experience in commercial real estate valuation and Banking. He also holds the MAI professional designation.

Dr. Tidwell is a committed educator and has had the opportunity to teach courses spanning the disciplines of real estate, finance, risk management, and quantitative analysis. His instruction, animated by solidarity, kindness, and respect, has been well received as he was recognized for teaching excellence at both Columbus State University and Georgia State University. Some of his past and/or current teaching responsibilities include real estate finance, principles of real estate, investments, managerial finance, financial statement analysis, risk management and insurance, financial reporting and analysis, quantitative analysis for business, real estate investments, and residential real estate appraisal.

Selected Publications

“Residential Housing Market and Bank Stability: Focusing on OECD and Emerging Asian Countries.” (With S. Lee and C. Jin.) The Journal of Real Estate Research. June 2021.

“Value Implications of REITing and De-REITing.” (With D. Ling, S. Ray, and L. Xu.) The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. August 2020.

“Valuing Curb Appeal.” (With E. Johnson and S. Villupuram.) The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. February 2020.

“Structural Breaks: A Shift of Roles in the Relationship between Real Estate and Regional Industry.” (With Changha Jin and Philip Seagraves.) Journal of Housing Research. April 2019.

“Sample Selection Approaches to Estimating and Allocating House Transaction Funding Price Differentials.” (With A. Jauregui and V. Sah.) The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. April 2019.

“Housing Preferences of Asian and Hispanic/Latino Immigrants in the United States: A Melting Pot or Salad Bowl.” (With Y. Wu, and V. Sah.) Real Estate Economics. December 2018.

“Cash and Distressed House Sales Price Discounts: Dual Sample Selection Spatial Interdependence Approaches.” (With A. Jauregui, V. Sah, and A. Narwold.) The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. January 2018.

“Futures Markets and Real Estate Public Equity: Connectivity of Lumber Futures and Timber REITs.” (With S. Clements and C. Jin.) Journal of Forest Economics. August 2017.

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