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Extracurricular experience

Being a Culverhouse student means having access to more than just some of the best scholars and resources in the country—it also provides opportunities for students to engage in some of the most exciting and innovative programs in business academics. 

We believe that education happens both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s why the programs offered by the Culverhouse College of Commerce immerse students in a curriculum that transcends academia. Programs include:



The Culverhouse College of Commerce is dedicated to aggressive pursuit of ethics and ethics education that complements the rigorous technical training in our undergraduate and graduate programs. We take ethics and character seriously!.


Research Centers

The research center at Culverhouse provides students access to the kinds of information and resources they will interact with everyday in their careers as business professionals. 


The Lowder Lecture Series 

This lecture series invites the most influential minds in business to engage with students and share their experiences.



This specialized program offers real Sales experience. Our trio of student sales organizations and our state-of-the-art sales lab makes this possible. 


Culverhouse Connections

This program gives students the experience they need to lead by placing them in working relationships with working professionals. 


Global Business & Study Abroad

In the 21st Century, all business is global whether we realize it or not. Culverhouse provides students with the option to specialize in international business affairs and offers a wide variety of opportunities to study overseas and gain first-hand experience of business on a global scale.


Faculty Scholars

This program pairs faculty with students in their respective fields to promote highly specialized learning environments that are challenging but rewarding for all. 


Management Information Systems

Where business meets technology. The Management Information Systems Program combines a strong business curriculum with the experience and technical skills needed to compete in today's information-based society. Three of the five fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. require a deep understanding of business needs coupled with technical knowledge to help organizations succeed and grow.