Senior Instructor of Finance

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Victoria Javine headshot

Research Interests


Ph.D., Finance, The University of Tennessee
B.S., Finance, The University of Alabama

Selected Publications

“Bookcase: A Project Decision for a Public Library.” (With Don Mosley and Gwen Pennywell.) Journal of Applied Case Research. Fall 2014.

“Using Pitman Closeness to Compare Stock Return Models.” (With Al Chow and Gwen Pennywell.) International Journal of Business and Social Science. August 2014.

“A Comparison of Energy Stock Return Models Using Pitman Closeness Criterion.” (With Al Chow and Gwen Pennywell.) International Journal of Service and Standards: Special Issue – Energy Hedging and Risk Management. September 2014.

“Financial Knowledge and Student Loan Usage in College Students.” Financial Services Review: The Journal of Individual Financial Management. Winter 2013.

“Impact of SOX on Bank CEO and Director Compensation.” (With Mike Ehrhardt and Harold Black.) Journal Financial and Economic Practice. Spring 2013.

“Exchange Traded Funds Market Reaction to Option Introduction.” (With Ken Hunsader and Ross Dickens.) Banking and Finance Review. December 2012.

“The Oil Industry’s Stock Price Response to the Gulf Drilling Moratorium and other Events Surrounding the Deepwater Horizon Explosion.” (With Ken Hunsader and Ross Dickens.) The Coastal Business Journal. Spring 2012.