Professor of Economics

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Tigran Melkonyan

Research Interests


Ph.D., Economics, Iowa State University, 1998

Selected Publications

“The social contract in miniature: how virtual bargaining supports team production.” forthcoming in the Academy of Management Review (With Hossam Zeitoun and Nick Chater).

“The paradox of social interaction: Shared intentionality, we-reasoning and virtual bargaining.” (With Nick Chater and Hossam Zeitoun) Psychological Review. 2022.

“Incomplete Preferences, Willingness to Pay, Willingness to Accept, and Elicitation.” (With Robert Chambers and John Quiggin) Economic Theory. 2021.

“Justice in an Uncertain World: Evidence on Donations to Cancer Research.” (With Zvi Safra and Sinong Ma) Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. 2021.

“Is allocation affected by the perception of others’ irresponsible behavior and by ambiguity?” (With Zvi Safra and Sinong Ma) Risk Analysis. 2019.

“The Social Character of Moral Reasoning.” (With Nick Chater and Hossam Zeitoun) Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 2019.

“Collusion in Bertrand versus Cournot competition: A Virtual Bargaining Approach.” (With Hossam Zeitoun and Nick Chater) Management Science. 2018.

“Ambiguity and the Economic Rhetoric of Climate Change.” (With Robert Chambers) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2017.

“Intrinsic Variability in Group and Individual Decision-Making.” (With Zvi Safra) Management Science. 2016.

“Unwritten Rules: Virtual Bargaining as a Foundation for Social Interaction, Culture and Society.” (With Jennifer Misyak, Hossam Zeitoun, and Nick Chater) Trends in Cognitive Science. 2014.

“Food Scares in an Uncertain World.” (With Robert Chambers) Journal of the European Economic Association. 2013.

“Destined to Receive: The Impact of Remittances on Household Decisions in Armenia.” (With David Grigorian.) Review of Development Economics. 2011.

“Buy Low, Sell High: Price Gaps and Neoclassical Theory.” (With Robert Chambers.) Journal of Mathematical Economics. 2009.

“Pareto Optimal Trade in an Uncertain World: GMOs and the Precautionary Principle”. (With Robert Chambers.) American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2007.

“Value of Reputation in the Chain-store Game with Multiple Incumbents.” International Journal of Industrial Organization. 2006.

“Eliciting the Core of a Supermodular Capacity”. (With Robert Chambers) Economic Theory. 2005.

“Voting over Efficient Decision Rules in Balanced Budget Organizations.” (With Brent Hueth) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 2003.