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John Miller Professor of Management

Department of Management

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Research Interests


Ph.D., University of Conneticut
M.A., University of Conneticut
B.S., Texas Christian University

Selected Publications

Booth, S. M., Matthews, R. A., & Wayne, J. H. (2020). Testing a resource-based spillover-crossover-spillover model: Transmission of social support in dual-earner couples. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105, 732-747.

Vaziri, H., Casper, W. J., Wayne, J. H., & Matthews, R. A. (2020). Changes to the work-family interface during the COVID-19 pandemic: Examining predictors and implications using latent transition analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105(10), 1073-1087.

Walsh, B. M., Matthews, R. A., Toumbeva, T. H., Kabat-Farr, D., Philbrick, J., & Pavisic, I. (2019). Failing to be family-supportive: Implications for supervisors. Journal of Management, 45, 2952–2977.

Lapierre, L. M., Matthews, R. A., Eby, L. T., Truxillo, D. M., Johnson, R. E., & Major, D. A. (2018; Focal Article). Recommended practices for initiating and managing research partnerships with organizations. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 11, 543-581.

Ritter, K.J., Matthews, R.A., Ford, M.T., & Henderson, A.A. (2016). Understanding role stressors and job satisfaction over time using adaptation theory. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1655-1669.

Fisher, G. G., Matthews, R. A., Gibbons, A. (2016). Developing and investigating the use of single-item measures in organizational research. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 21, 3-23.

Spitzmueller, C., Wang, Z., Matthews, R.A., Fisher, G. G., Perks, C., Zhang, J. & Strathearn, L. (2016). Got milk? Workplace factors related to breastfeeding among working mothers. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(5), 692–718.

Matthews, R. A., Wayne, J.H., & Ford, M. T. (2014). A work-family conflict/subjective well-being process model: A test of competing theories of longitudinal effects. Journal of Applied Psychology. 99, 1173-1187.

Wayne, J. H, Casper, W. J., Matthews, R. A., & Allen, T. D. (2013). Family-supportive organization perceptions and organizational commitment: The mediating role of work-family conflict and enrichment and partner attitudes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98, 606-622.