Professor of Economics

Rick and Elaine Horsley Faculty Fellow

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

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Research Interests


Ph.D., Economics, Vanderbilt University, 2008

Selected Publications

“Sequential School Choice: Theory and Evidence from the Field and Lab.” (With Umut Dur and Onur Kesten.) Journal of Economic Theory. Forthcoming.

“The Secure Boston Mechanism: Theory and Experiments.” (With Umut Dur and Thayer Morrill.) Experimental Economics. December 2019.

“What Drives Pricing Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Markets? Evidence from the Car-Sharing Platform BlaBlaCar.” (With Mehdi Farajallah and Thierry Penard.) Information Economics and Policy. September 2019.

“Enhancing Effort Supply with Prize-Augmenting Entry Fees: Theory and Experiments.” (With Bin Liu, Jingfeng Lu, and Yohanes Riyanto.) International Economic Review. August 2019.

“Informing Retirement Savings Decisions: A Field Experiment on Supplemental Plans. (With Robert Clark, Melinda Morrill, and Christelle Khalaf.) Economic Inquiry. January 2019.

“Identifying the Harm of Manipulable School-Choice Mechanisms.” (With Umut Dur and Thayer Morrill.) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. February 2018.

“Personality Traits and Bidding Behavior in Competing Auctions.” (With Thayer Morrill.) Journal of Economic Psychology. December 2016.

“Profit Leak? Pre-Release File Sharing and the Music Industry.” Southern Economic Journal. October 2014.

“Strategic Exclusion of the Highest-Valued Bidders in Wholesale Automobile Auctions.” (With Thayer Morrill.) Economic Inquiry. July 2014.

“Quantifying Consumer Perception of a Financially Distressed Company.” Journal of Business & Economic Statistics. October 2013.

“A Structural Model of Competing Sellers: Auctions and Posted Prices.” European Economic Review. May 2013.

“Heterogeneity in Tournaments with Incomplete Information: An Experimental Analysis.” (With Xiaoyong Zheng.) International Journal of Industrial Organization. May 2013.

“Sudden Unintended Used-Price Deceleration? The 2009-2010 Toyota Recalls.” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. Spring 2013.

“Comparing Revenue from Auctions and Posted Prices.” International Journal of Industrial Organization. January 2010.