Professor of Economics

Dwight Harrigan Endowed Faculty Fellow in Natural Resource Economics

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

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Research Interests


Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland, 2005

Selected Publications

“Testing for Crowd Out in Social Nudges: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment in the Market for Electricity.” (With A. Brandon, J. List, R. Metcalfe, and F. Rundhammer.) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. August 2018.

“Signaling Quality through Gifts: Implications for the Charitable Sector.” (With A. Lange and R. Santore.) European Economic Review. July 2017.

“Advice in the Marketplace: A Laboratory Experiment.” (With J. Alevy.) Experimental Economics. March 2017.

“Public Good Provision in the Presence of Heterogeneous Green Preferences.” (With M. Jacobsen and J. LaRiviere.) Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. March 2017.

“Using Field Experiments in Environmental and Resource Economics.” (With J. List.) Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. Summer 2016.

“Using Field Experiments to Address Environmental Externalities and Resource Scarcity: Major Lessons Learned and New Directions for Future Research.” Oxford Review of Economic Policy. Winter 2014.

“Using Non-Pecuniary Strategies to Influence Behavior: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment.” (With P. Ferraro.) Review of Economics and Statistics. March 2013.

“Empirical Implementation of Nonparametric First-Price Auction Models.” (With D. Henderson, J. List, D. Millimet, and C. Parmeter.) Journal of Econometrics. May 2012.

“Is a Donor in Hand Better than Two in the Bush? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment.” (With C. Landry, A. Lange, J. List, and N. Rupp.) American Economic Review. June 2010.

“A Fundraising Mechanism Inspired by Historical Tontines: Theory and Experimental Evidence.” (With A. Lange and J. List) Journal of Public Economics. September 2007.

“Using Lotteries to Finance Public Goods: Theory and Experimental Evidence.” (With A. Lange and J. List) International Economic Review. August 2007.

“Towards an Understanding of the Economics of Charity: Evidence from a Field Experiment.” (With C. Landry, A. Lange, J. List and N. Rupp) Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2006.

“Conspiracies and Secret Price Discounts in the Marketplace: Evidence from the Field.” (With J. List) RAND Journal of Economics. Autumn 2005.