Professor of Health Care Analytics

HealthSouth Endowed Chair in Health Care Management

Department of Management

marillyn whitman headshot

Research Interests


Ph.D., Auburn University
M.P.A., University of North Florida
B.A., Stetson University

Selected Publications

Henderson, A. A., Matthews, R. A., & Whitman, M. V. (2022). Leading when overweight: The influence of supervisor body weight on subordinates’ perceptions and citizenship behaviors. Journal of Business and Psychology, 37(3), 615-631.

Smith, T. B., English, T. M., Whitman, M. V., Lewis, D., & Gregg, A. (2022). Are all closures equal? The varying impact of rural hospital closures on emergency medical services transport times. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 22(1), 26-41.

Matthews, R. A., Walsh, B. M., McKersie, S. J., Whitman, M. V., & Smith, C. E. (2022). Can incivility be informative? Client incivility as a signal for provider creativity. Submitted to Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 27(4), 392-410.

Frieder, R., Whitman, M., Mandeville, A., & Leon, M. (2022). Does social distancing make the heart grow fonder? The impact of work spouse interaction frequency on organizational outcomes. Personnel Review,

Mandeville, A., Manegold, J., Matthews, R., & Whitman, M.V. (2022). When all COVID breaks loose: Examining determinants of working parents’ job performance during crisis. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 71(3): 765-783.

Whitman, M. V., Matthews, R. A.& Williams, E. (2021). Examining supervisor undermining through the Job-Demands Resources Framework. Health Services Management Research.

Whitman, M. V., & Mandeville, A. (2021). Blurring the lines: Exploring the work spouse phenomenon. Journal of Management Inquiry, 30(3), 285-299.

Mandeville, A., Whitman, M. V., & Halbesleben, J. R. B. (2019). The meaning of furloughs on family identification. Personnel Review, 48(6), 1596-1610.

Smith, T., English, T. M., Naidoo, J., & Whitman, M. V. (2019). The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program’s Impact on Readmissions from Skilled Nursing Facilities. Journal of Healthcare Management, 64(3), 186-196.

English, T. M., Smith, T., Song, X., & Whitman, M. V. (2018). Barriers to electronic cigarette use. Public Health Nursing, 35, 363-368, DOI: 10.1111/phn.12406

English, T. M., Masom, D., & Whitman, M. V. (2018). Impact of patient navigation on diabetes. Journal of Healthcare Management, 63(3), e32-e41.