Professor of Statistics

Information Systems, Statistics, & Management Science

Marcus Perry headshot


Dr. Perry joined the Department of Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science at the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business as an Assistant Professor in August 2008. He was promoted to associate professor and awarded tenure in August 2012, and again promoted to full professor in August 2018. Dr. Perry’s research interests include all aspects of quality engineering. He is actively involved in several professional societies, including the American Society for Quality (ASQ), American Statistical Association (ASA), European Networks for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS), and the International Statistical Engineering Association (ISEA). Dr. Perry currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of Quality Engineering, an official journal of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Selected Publications

Perry, M. B., “An EWMA Control Chart for Categorical Processes with Applications to 
Social Network Monitoring,” to appear in Journal of Quality Technology. 

Perry, M. B. (2019), “On the Detection of Transitive Clusters in Undirected Networks,” 
Journal of Applied Statistics, 46(2), pp. 364-384. 

Perry, M. B. (2018), “Approximate Prediction Intervals in the Original Units When Fitting Models Using Data Transformations,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 34(1), pp. 53-65. 

Perry, M. B. (2018), “Prediction Intervals for the Original Response When Using Manly’s Exponential Transformations,” Quality Engineering, 30(2), pp. 195-211. 

Perry, M. B. (2017), “Reduced-Bias Moment Approximations in Original Units When Using Multivariate Box-Cox Transformations,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 33(2), pp. 297-306. 

Perry, M. B. and Walker, M. L. (2015), “A Prediction Interval Estimator for the Original Response when using Box-Cox Transformations,” Journal of Quality Technology, 47(3), pp. 278-297. 

Perry, M. B., Michaelson, G. V. and Ballard, M. A. (2013), “On the Statistical Detection of Clusters in Undirected Networks,” Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 68, pp. 170-189. 

Perry, M. B., Mercado, G. R. and Simpson, J. R. (2013), “On the Analysis of Balanced Two-Level Factorial Whole-Plot Saturated Split-Plot Designs,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 29(3), pp. 327-343. 

Perry, M. B., Kharoufeh, J. P., Shekhar, S., Cai, J., and Shankar, M. R. (2012), “Statistical Characterization of Nanostructured Materials from Severe Plastic Deformation in Machining,” IIE Transactions (Special Issue: Quality and Design Issues in Nanomanufacturing Systems), 44(7), pp. 534-550. 

Perry, M. B. and Pignatiello, J. J., Jr. (2012), “Identifying the Time of Change in the Mean of a Two-Stage Nested Process,” Journal of Applied Statistics, 39(2), pp. 419-433.