Professor of Accounting

Joe Lane Endowed Professorship in Accounting

Culverhouse School of Accountancy

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Research Interests

Selected Publications

Parsons, L. M., Garven, S., Beck, A. (in press). Are Audit-Related Factors Associated with Financial Reporting Quality in Nonprofit Organizations? Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.

Parsons, L. M., Reitenga, A. L. (2014). College and University President Pay and Future Performance. Accounting Horizons, 28(1), 125-142.

Parsons, L. M., Tinkelman, D. (2013). Testing the Feasibility of Small Multiples of Sparklines to Display Semimonthly Income Statement Data. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 14(1), 58-76.

Parsons, L. M., Pryor, C., Roberts, A. (2017). Pressure to Manage Ratios and Willingness To Do So: Evidence from Nonprofit Managers. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 46(4), 705-724.

Parsons, L. M., Reitenga, A. L., Leggett, D. Real Earnings Management and Subsequent Operating Performance. IUP Journal of Operations Management, 15(4), 7-32.