Associate Professor of Accounting

Culverhouse School of Accountancy


Ph.D., The University of Alberta
M.Acc., The University of Waterloo
B.A., The University of Waterloo


Dr. Hoang’s research examines the judgment and decision-making behaviors of manager, directors, and auditors in corporate governance settings. Using experiments, she studies how psychological biases impact the quality of financial reporting. She also conducts field studies on audit market competition and audit policy making.

Selected Publications

Hoang, K., Y. Luo, & S. Salterio. 2022. “Evidence-Informed Audit Standard Setting: Exploring Evidence Use and Knowledge Transfer” Contemporary Accounting Research (Forthcoming).

Aghazadeh, S., Hoang, K., & Pomeroy, B. 2021. “Using LIWC to Analyze Participants’ Psychological Processing in Accounting JDM Research” AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory (Forthcoming).

Aghazadeh, S., O. Brown, L. Guichard, and K. Hoang. 2022. “Persuasion in Auditing: A review through the lens of the Communication-Persuasion Matrix”. European Accounting Review.

Salterio, S., K. Hoang, and Y. Luo. 2021. “Communication is a two-way street: Analyzing approaches undertaken to enhance systematic audit research knowledge transfer to policymakers”. Accounting, Organizations and Society.

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