Instructor of Finance

John and Mary Louise Loftis Bickley Endowed Teaching Chair in Insurance and Financial Services

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Research Interests


Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1999
MBA, Finance, University of Tulsa, 1985
BBA, Risk Management & Insurance, University of Georgia, 1982

Selected Publications

“Chuck, The Exterminator: A Teaching Case for Principles of Risk Management & Insurance.” (With D. Wood.) Journal of Risk Education. Forthcoming.

“Emerging Issues in Assignment of Benefits.” (With J. Anderson-Parson.) Journal of Insurance Regulation. 2017.

“The Effect of Insurance Education on Consumer Attitudes: A Study of the Property/Casualty Industry.” (With B. Wells and J. Gibson). Journal of Financial Education . 2015.

“Case Study: Lutz Nutz.” (With D. Wood.) Journal of Applied Risk Management & Insurance . 2014.

“Amusement Central: A Case Study.” (With D. Wood.) Journal of Risk Education . 2013.

“From Meatpacking to Insurance: Lessons from Ethical Downfalls.” (With B. Wells and K. Braswell.) CPCU eJournal . 2009.

“Risky Asset Substitution in the Insurance Industry: An Historical Example.” (With L. Cox, M. McShane, and B. Wells.) Journal of Insurance Regulation . 2009.

“Mass Tort Litigation: The Case of Merck.” (With R. Martinez and B. Wells). CPCU eJournal . 2008.

“Employee Appearance Policies and Title VII: New Challenges for Sex Differentiated Standards.” (With R. Robinson, G. Franklin and N. Forbes Stowell.) Journal of Individual Employment Rights. 2007.

“The Supreme Court Rulings in Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger: A Brave New World of Affirmative Action in the 21st Century.” (With R. Robinson, and G. Franklin). Public Personnel Management. 2007.

“Market Discipline in Property/Casualty Insurance: Evidence from Premium Growth Surrounding Policyholder Rating Changes.” (With S. Harrington.) Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking . 2006.

“Narrowing the Legal Definition of Homosexual: Establishing Sexual Desire as a Motive for Same-Sex Sexual Harassment.” (With R. Robinson and D. Frink.) Journal of Individual Employment Rights . 2006.