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Professor of Management

Robert C. and Rosa P. Morrow Faculty Excellence Fellow

Department of Management

Portrait of Dan Bachrach

Research Interests


Ph.D., Organizational Behavior-Human Resource Management, Indiana University
M.S., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
B.A., Psychology, Bates College


2016 Winner – Bronze Medal – Axiom Book Awards for More than a Showroom: strategies for Winning Back Online Shoppers

2016 Winner – John S. Bickley C&BA Creativity and Innovation Award

2015 Winner – Marvin Jolson Award for Best Contribution to Selling and Sales Management Practice National Educational Foundation Pi Sigma Epsilon

Named Robert C. and Rosa P. Morrow Faculty Excellence Fellow – (2008 – 2013)

Named James D. Nabors Instructional Excellence Faculty Fellow – (2007 – 2012)

Nominated – Annual ‘Last Lecture’ speaker (2007)

Named Office of Institutional Assessment: Class of 2006 6th most influential faculty

Associate Dean Undergraduate Teaching Commendation (June 2006)

Associate Dean Undergraduate Teaching Commendation (June 2005)

Associate Dean Undergraduate Teaching Commendation (August 2004)

Kelley School of Business Doctoral Student Research Award (2001)

Selected Publications

Schoenherr, T., Bendoly,E., Bachrach, D.G., & *Hood, A. C (in-press). Task interdependence impacts on reciprocity in IT implementation teams. Production and Operations Management. (accepted October,2016)

Martin, J. A. & Bachrach, D. G. (in-press). Dynamic managerial capabilities: A middle manager managerial social capital perspective of inter- and –intra organizational relationships. Industrial Marketing Management. (accepted September, 2016)

Bachrach, D. G., Mullins, R. R., & Rapp, A. A. (in-press). Intangible Sales Team Resources: Investing in Team social Capital and Transactive Memory for Market-Driven Behaviors, Norms and performance. Industrial Marketing Management (accepted August, 2016)

*Hood, A. C., Bachrach, D. G., & Cruz, K. S. (in-press). Conflicts with friends: A multiplex view of intrateam conflict involvement, friendship and performance. Journal of Business and Psychology (accepted December, 2015)

Cha, J., Kim, Y., Lee, J. Y., &; Bachrach, D. G. (2015). Transformational Leadership and Inter-Team Collaboration: Exploring the Mediating Role of Teamwork Quality and the Moderating Role of Team Size. Group and Organization Management, 40, 715-743.

Rapp, A. A., Baker, T. L., Bachrach, D. G., * Ogilvie, J., & * Beitelspacher, L. S. (2015). Perceived Customer Showrooming Behavior and the Effect on Retail Salesperson Self-efficacy and Performance. Journal of Retailing, 91, 358-369.

Lee, J. Y., Bachrach, D. G., Rousseau, D. M. (2015). Internal labor markets, firm-specific human capital, and heterogeneity antecedents of employee idiosyncratic deal requests. Organization Science, 26,794-810.

Mullins, R., Bachrach, D. G., Rapp, A., Grewal, D., & * Beitelspacher, L. S. (2015). You don’t always get what you want, and you don’t always want what you get: An examination of control-desire for control congruence in transactional relationships. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 1073-1088.

Reprinted and summarized in: Baylor Business Keller Center for Research: Keller Center Research Report (2016)
Rapp, A., Bachrach, D. G., Panagopoulos, N., * Olgilvie, J. (2014). Salespeople as Knowledge Brokers: A Review and Critique of the Challenger Sales Model. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 34, 245-259.

Winner- 2015 MARVIN JOLSON AWARD for Best Contribution to Selling and Sales Management Practice
Rapp, T. A., Bachrach, D. G., Rapp, A., & Mullins, R. (2014). The Role of Team Goal Monitoring in the Curvilinear Relationship between Team Efficacy and Team Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 976-987.

Lee, J. Y., Bachrach, D. G., & Lewis, K. L. (2014). Social network ties, transactive memory, and performance in groups. Organization Science, 25, 951-967.

Rapp, A. Bachrach, D. G., & Rapp, T. (2013). Resource allocation and social exchange: Exploring the role of time management skill in the relationship between OCB and performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98, 668-677.

Rubin, R. S., Dierdorff, E. C., & Bachrach, D. G. (2013). Boundaries of citizenship behavior: Curvilinearity and context in the citizenship and task performance relationship. Personnel Psychology, 66, 377-406.

Bolino, M. C. Harvey, J., & Bachrach, D. G. (2012). A Self-Regulation Approach to Understanding Citizenship Behavior in Organizations. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 119, 126-139.

Kacmar, K. M., Bachrach, D. G., Harris, K., & * Noble, D. (2012). Exploring the Role of Supervisor Trust in the Associations Between Multiple Sources of Relationship Conflict and Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Leadership Quarterly, 23, 43-54.

Nielsen, T.M., Bachrach, D.G., Sundstrom, E., & Halfhill, T. (2012). Utility of OCB: Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Group Performance in a Resource Allocation Framework. Journal of Management, 38, 667-693.

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Kacmar, K. M., Bachrach, D. G., Harris, K., & Zivnuska, S. (2011). Good Citizenship and Ethical Leadership: Interactive Effects of Gender and Organizational Politics. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 633-642.

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Bachrach, D. G., Bendoly, E., and Podsakoff, P. M. (2001) Attributions of the “Causes” of Group Performance as an Alternative Explanation of the Relationship Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 1285-1293.

Podsakoff, P. M., MacKenzie, S. B., Paine, J. B., and Bachrach, D. G. (2000) Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: A Critical Review of the Theoretical and Empirical Literature and Suggestions for Future Research. Journal of Management, 26, 513-563.

4th most-cited article published in the Journal of Management. (This article has been cited over 1000 times).
Reprinted in: Altman, Y., Bournois, F., & Boje, D. (Ed.) (2008). Managerial Psychology. London, UK: Sage. (*Source: Web of Science)