Professor of Economics

Marillyn Hewson Faculty Fellow

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Kim Byun-Cheol headshot

Research Interests


Ph.D., Economics, Michigan State University, 2007
M.A., Economic, Michigan State University, 2005
B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, 2002, Cum Laude

Selected Publications

“Second-degree Price Discrimination by a Two-sided Monopoly Platform.” (With Doh-Shin Jeon and Domenico Menicucci.) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. Forthcoming.

“Price-match Guarantees and Investment Incentives.” (With Mishal Ahmed.) Information Economics and Policy. 2020.

“The Utilitarian-Maximin Social Welfare Function and Anomalies in Social Choice.” (With Mark Schneider.) Southern Economic Journal. October 2020.

“Privacy and Personal Data Collection with Information Externalities.” (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) Journal of Public Economics. May 2019.

“Net Neutrality, Network Capacity, and Innovation at the Edges.” (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) Journal of Industrial Economics. March 2018.

“The Economics of the Right-to-be Forgotten.” (With Jin-Yeub Kim.) Journal of Law and Economics. May 2017.

“Two-Sided Platform Competition with Multihoming Agents: An Empirical Study on the Daily Deals Market.” (With Hyunwoo Park and Jeongsik Lee.) Information Economics and Policy. December 2017.

“Taming Drillers through Legislative Action: Evidence from Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Industry.” (With Matthew E. Oliver.) Resource and Energy Economics 2017.

“Project Selection in NIH: A Natural Experiment from ARRA.” (With Hyunwoo Park and Jeongsik Lee.) Research Policy 2015.

“Net Neutrality, Business Models, and Internet Interconnection.” (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. 2015.

“Export Growth and Credit Constraints.” (With Tibor Besedes and Volodymyr Lugovskyy.) European Economic Review. 2014.

“Signaling, Learning and Screening Prior to Trial: Informational Implications of Preliminary Injunctions.” (With Thomas. D. Jeitschko.) Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 2013.

“Dynamic Competition in Technological Investments: An Empirical Examination of the LCD Panel Industry.” (With Jeongsik Lee and Young-mo Lim.) International Journal of Industrial Organization. 2011.

“Net Neutrality and Investment Incentives.” (With Jay Pil Choi.) Rand Journal of Economics. 2010.