IDA-led Project Selected as AACSB “Innovation That Inspires”

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AACSB International (AACSB) — the world’s largest business education alliance and the body that accredits business schools — announced that a program managed by the Institute of Data and Analytics at the Culverhouse College of Business was included as one of its Innovations That Inspire for 2024.

This annual program recognizes institutions from around the world that serve as champions of change in business education.

The Institute of Data and Analytics (IDA) efforts to combat the opioid crisis using data-driven collaborative approaches was selected by AACSB as one of the unique ways that business schools are leveraging innovation to drive new value for the communities they serve. Only 26 institutions from around the world made the 2024 edition of the AACSB list.

“Promoting Societal Impacts through Data Insights and Collaboration” is about IDA’s spearheading of an effort to combat the opioid epidemic via data-driven approaches. Supported by a $3.5 million award from the United States Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Southeast Regional Drug Data Research Center (SR-DDRC) expands on the IDA’s longstanding successful work in collaborative partnerships serving the public interest.

The SR-DDRC’s main priority is to develop a data center that hosts drug-related data from public and private sources across the 17-state southern region of the United States. Interlacing data from public sources, the SR-DDRC will provide a multifaceted view of the drug crisis with minimal intrusion of state boundaries.

For more details about the SR-DDRC, read the IDA’s Innovations That Inspire entry and visit the IDA website to learn more about the Institute’s overall work.

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