CIMG Team Wins Annual Stock Pitch Competition in Los Angeles

USC Stock Pitch Competition Picture

A team from the Culverhouse Investment Management Group (CIMG) won the annual stock pitch competition held at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles last weekend. The team, consisting of Cole Reynolds, Jacob Robb and Lucas Weldon, presented the short case for Clear Secure [YOU], reprising a pitch made at a similar conference earlier this year at the University of Michigan, where the team placed second, out of a larger field.

The two-day event included a commencement dinner, a panel discussion with the judges, and two rounds of stock pitches, long or short. The first round consisted of 16 teams – including those from Harvard, the University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, the University of Oxford, Notre Dame and the University of Chicago – with four teams making it through to the final round. “The feedback we received from the judges and other competitors was very positive, especially when discussing the opportunities we have here at the Capstone. Not only were we able to come away with a win, but we also built new relationships that will be beneficial to CIMG and UA,” said Reynolds. “The experience gained and opportunities provided by the Culverhouse College of Business and CIMG program are invaluable,” Weldon agreed.

In addition to Reynolds, Robb, and Weldon, credit is owed to Matthew Gaines, who led the team developing and presenting the original pitch at Michigan, and Nick Kalra, who was also on the Michigan team.

“Bringing this experience back to the Culverhouse Investment Management Group on campus is a great way to consistently improve the group’s work product and learning experience,” Robb said.

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