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Being a new student on campus can be a bit overwhelming, especially if one is attending a school far from home. One way of easing the transition from high school to college is through campus involvement, specifically student organizations. The Culverhouse College of Business at The University of Alabama has a wide variety of organizations for students. Some are tied to specific majors and interests and some are honors-based organizations for students who meet certain criteria.


Julia Emrich, who is the undergraduate recruitment and retention coordinator for Culverhouse, says the value is clear: “Students who join an organization have the opportunity to gain job skills relevant to their future careers while also having fun.”

“Furthermore, being a part of an organization is a great way of making social connections and even friendships, especially if a student is new to a campus and doesn’t know many people.”

Endless Choices

There are nearly 25 student organizations at Culverhouse and eight honorary fraternities. Some student organizations are aligned to a major or area of study, such as the Alabama Insurance Society, which is primarily for students in the Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science program, or the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, which helps accounting students gain fraud detection skills.

Opening Doors

One organization, the Investment Banking Academy, or IBA, is oriented toward students who are interested in the world of investment banking. The IBA hosts regular career development events and even has an annual trip to New York City where members can meet with executives at some of the world’s most influential Wall Street investment banking firms.

Culverhouse senior Sydney Gabrielson, vice president for the IBA and intern for Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan’s Investment Banks, said, “Members of the Investment Banking Academy not only get direct exposure to UA alumni working on Wall Street but also are provided a curriculum of technical skills and professional development that maximize students’ chances of earning jobs in an elite field.”

“For me and my fellow members, membership in the IBA has opened doors to dream internships and job opportunities.”

Other student organizations at Culverhouse support budding entrepreneurs or are for minority students interested in business. There is no shortage of options!

Academic Frats

The eight honorary fraternities at Culverhouse include Alpha Mu Alpha, which recognizes high-achieving students majoring in marketing, Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting fraternity, and Omicron Delta Epsilon, which confers distinction in economics. Most of these fraternities have fairly high admittance standards in the form of a GPA minimum or ranking within one’s class. However, membership has its privileges, so to speak, with a built-in nationwide network of alumni and regular networking events in major cities.

Involvement in student organizations can pay off in the form of friendship, professional development, and access to networking opportunities. See all the options at Culverhouse at
Written by Zach Thomas from Culverhouse College of Business at The University of Alabama.

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