Extreme Sales Leadership Summit Debuts for 2023

The same pressures that create great athletes — the drive for perfection, ambition and competition, and the elation of winning — are similarly hallmarks of sales leaders.

How does training for a marathon make one a better salesperson?

A new conference, making its debut for 2023, on the campus of The University of Alabama, approaches sales leadership viewed through the lens of extreme sports.

The Extreme Sales Leadership Summit, hosted by the Culverhouse College of Business Department of Marketing, offers students the opportunity to hear how a challenge-seeking approach toward sales can pay off and to also get the details about the soon-to-debut sales leadership master’s program at Culverhouse.

The Summit takes place March 22 from 4-5:30 p.m. in Hewson Hall on The University of Alabama campus.

Speakers include extreme endurance runner — and sales trainer — Reese Jones, as well as extreme water-ski champion —and sales agent —Anna Gay, who will share stories of how they have applied the passion to excel in their sales careers. In addition, author and sales evangelist, Donald Kelly will share details of the opportunities that exist in a sales career.

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Extreme Running & Sales Persistence: Reese D. Jones

Reese Jones is a sales trainer for AuDExperts, a marketing firm that specializes in the audiology industry, and extreme endurance runner. Highlights of his running include “running 10 marathons in 10 days for charity,” a 100+ mile ultra-marathon, and a training regimen that includes an average of 5 miles a day, every day for over 650 days!

Extreme Water Sports and Sales Leadership: Anna Gay (20 Minutes)

Anna Gay is a UA MSM student, real estate salesperson, and extreme University of Alabama and Team USA water ski champion. She is nine-time World Trick Champion and two-time World Record Holder in competitive water skiing. In her spare time, Anna enjoys training for triathlons.  

 Extreme Sales Leadership Career Opportunities: Donald C Kelly (15 Minutes)

Donald Kelly is the founder of The Sales Evangelist, a consulting firm that teaches effective ways salespeople can find more qualified prospects, close more deals and make more money. Donald’s one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars, and dynamic keynote presentations challenge individuals to be their best and excel in career and life.

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