Bama Blitz. Our 2021 Passion Project: Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons

April 12-15, 2021

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About the Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons

Our Bama Blitz priority for 2021 helps deliver on our promise to equip students with the skills to become future business leaders.

The Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons is a vital resource that provides to students technology to help students produce presentations, coursework, and professional portfolios.

But much more than that that, the Commons is also the place to workshop ideas and get actionable advice on how to best communicate a complicated idea in a business setting.

How the Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons helps students:

Resume Recommendations

Peer-driven resume consultations.

Presentation Preparation

Workshopping slide decks and video presentations.

Presentation Coaching

Actionable presentation advice and recommendations from peers.

Real-World Experience

Helping students create solutions to real-world business problems.

Ready to take the next step?

Contributions made to the Culverhouse Bama Blitz passion project will go directly toward advancing the Culverhouse Communications Excellence Commons’ mission and reach.

Get ready for Bama Blitz.

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