Tour Culverhouse

Tour Culverhouse

Learn what the Culverhouse College of Business is all about by reserving a spot on one of our daily tours. You'll be guided through the Culverhouse campus by our staff and Culverhouse ambassadors and given a glimpse into life at one of the country's premier business colleges. Please submit your tour request at least a week before you arrive.

Request a tour today. 

Tour Schedule:
*Starting August 22nd*
Monday 10 AM 1 PM
Tuesday 10 AM only
Wednesday 10 AM 1 PM
Thursday 10 AM only
Friday 10 AM 1 PM

Looking to see the rest of campus?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions conducts tours on a near daily basis of the entire campus.

Learn more about reserving a spot on an all-campus tour.

*Tours will be limited in July and August.