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Assessments - Self-assessment is important to the process of choosing a major and a career. Knowing the type of work and environment that will suit your interests, skills, personality, and values will increase your chances of finding a satisfying career and major. What subjects do you enjoy? In which subjects do you do well? Which subjects are most difficult for you? What values do you look for in a job?

Choosing a Major – Choosing a major does not necessarily equate to choosing a profession, however, some majors are designed to prepare students for specific careers. If you have a career in mind, you may want to identify majors that will contribute to your overall preparation. This process of career research will help you determine the knowledge and skills needed to perform occupations that currently exist. Keep in mind that your major is only part of what employers consider when hiring.

Exploring Careers – How many careers can you describe in detail? Learning more about the many industries and sectors of employment may broaden your scope of career possibilities. Having limited knowledge of occupations may lead you to make assumptions about what skills are necessary to succeed in a given career. Occupations are constantly evolving as are the needs of employers. Knowing how your overall skills and qualifications can add value to an organization will not only help you in securing your first job, but also in staying relevant and advancing as a professional.


Culverhouse Connections -- The mission of Culverhouse Connections is to enhance the professional skills of Culverhouse students through mentoring, shadowing, educational workshops and networking with business professionals. This also provides mentoring participants a venue to invest in the college by enhancing the quality of our graduates.

Culverhouse Connections provides all business students with the opportunity to expand their professional horizons and career opportunities through a three-component enrichment program including mentoring, shadowing and professional development programs.

Resume / Cover Letter Critiques – The Career Center at Culverhouse can assist students with creating their resume and cover letter. When creating your resume, remember that the goal is to produce a document that will convince each target employer to invite a candidate for an interview. The purpose of a cover letter is to entice the prospective employer to review your resume. A well-written, tailored cover letter and a resume targeting the specific job can be the winning combination that results in a call from the employer.

Mock Interviews – Preparation is essential to successful interviewing. The Career Center at Culverhouse offers practice interviews to help you prepare for real interviews.

Professional Development ProgramsAs Culverhouse Connections grows, we are beginning to see traditional students in addition to distance students participate in mentoring and professional development programs. We are making events available online to support the development needs of students both on campus and abroad.


Handshake -- Handshake, the University of Alabama's on-line recruiting management system, allows 24/7 access job postings and on-campus interviews, view career fair information, and manage multiple resumes, cover letters, and other employment related documents.

Students and Alumni:

  • View and request interviews from companies participating in on-campus recruiting.
  • View Job & Internship postings
  • View upcoming company information sessions.


  • Opportunities to connect with students and alumni
  • Post jobs on campus and review student submissions
  • Choose to receive "online applications" directly from the system with current resumes attached
  • Register for career fairs and on-campus recruiting

Sponsored Events

To participate in any of the following, please contact Linda Johnson.

  • Participate in Student Organization Meetings
  • Present a business case to a class
  • Post job openings to CrimsonCareers
  • Assist with mock interviews and resume critique events
  • Be a mentor
  • Host a job shadow
  • Represent your company through involvement in employer panels
  • Provide internship

Employers visit the University of Alabama campus throughout the year for special events and campus interviews. We would welcome an opportunity to introduce our students to you.

The Career Center at Culverhouse prides itself on pro-active recruitment. We have staff members professionally employed to create and maintain lasting relationships with businesses across the country. If you have any questions, please contact:

Career Center at Culverhouse
149 Bidgood Hall
(205) 348-2691


Internships provide students with opportunities to enhance classroom learning through practical experience. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and may be full-time or part-time. Most positions are for one semester, though some are designed for longer periods. Internships can be found in most major areas of industry, including corporate and private business, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Internships provide students with opportunities to experience career interests as representatives of real-world businesses, gaining career clarity and developing important transferrable skills directly relevant to the industry.

The following resume samples meet Culverhouse department requirements and have also been developed based on feedback from employers who recruit Culverhouse students. Please use one of these samples when formatting your resume to upload to Handshake, UA’s online recruiting system.