Research and Outreach Centers

The Culverhouse College of Business is home to a research and outreach machine that conducts economics forecasting, promotes entrepreneurial seminars and events out in the field, hosts business pitch competitions, and runs incubator spaces.

Get to know the research and outreach centers that are part of Culverhouse.

Alabama Center for Insurance Information Research

Alabama Center for Insurance Information Research (ACIIR) exists to solve problems created from the complexity of insurance operations and help manage risk. ACIIR works with various agencies for research development to help consumers make well-informed decisions and insurance companies deliver the right combination of price and service to their customers.

Alabama Center for Real Estate

The Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) provides resources in the areas of research, education, and networking to enhance the state of Alabama’s real estate industry.ACRE acts as a liaison for our students to the real estate industry and provides several professional development opportunities and networking events around the state. Students utilizing this resource will experience firsthand what the field of real estate will hold for them on a day-to-day basis.

Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute

The Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute (AEI) serves as the college’s liaison to entrepreneurs and equips them with the developmental, technical, and financial skills needed to thrive in the small business community. Along with the EDGE, the AEI offers specialized workshops in different areas of business, access to experts, and working spaces.

Alabama Productivity Center

The mission of the Alabama Productivity Center (APC) is to focus university research and educational resources on enhancing business productivity and quality within the state. The center utilizes Culverhouse faculty and students to help businesses increase efficiency and provide cost-saving solutions.

Center for Business and Economic Research

The Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) is the state’s most respected authority on state economics and forecasting. Its forecasts cover Alabama’s Gross Domestic Product, employment and income by industry group, and are published in the annual Alabama Economic Outlook. CBER hosts the annual Alabama Economic Outlook Conference.

EDGE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Formed in a partnership between The University of Alabama, the City of Tuscaloosa, and the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, The EDGE provides a work and collaboration space for emerging businesses.

Institute of Data and Analytics

The Institute of Data and Analytics (IDA) is a collaborative resource for both the Culverhouse College of Business and University-wide research activities. Its interdisciplinary team seeks to develop and cultivate analytics expertise through evidence-based research via communicating applied research discoveries and approaches. The IDA works with analytically focused students and various corporate and government partners.


The Interactive Decision Experiment Lab (TIDE Lab) is a behavioral research laboratory that focuses on understanding various aspects of human behavior as it relates to business activities. The lab includes computer labs, breakout rooms, a shopper insights lab, and a virtual reality lab.