J. Weldon and Delores Cole Faculty Fellow
Professor of Economics

University of California, Davis (B.A.), University of California, Riverside (Ph.D.)

Selected Publications

Applied Nonparametric Econometrics, with Christopher F. Parmeter, Cambridge University Press, 2015

"Smooth Coefficient Estimation of a Seemingly Unrelated Regression," with Subal C. Kumbhakar, Qi Li and Christopher F. Parmeter, Journal of Econometrics, 2015, 189, 148-162

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"Additive Nonparametric Regression in the Presence of Endogenous Regressors," with Deniz Ozabaci and Liangjun Su, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2014, 32, 555-575

"Who Benefits from Financial Development? New Methods, New Evidence," with Chris Papageorgiou and Christopher F. Parmeter, European Economic Review, 2013, 63, 47-67

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"Empirical Implementation of Nonparametric First-Price Auction Models," with John A. List, Daniel L. Millimet, Christopher F. Parmeter and Michael K. Price, Journal of Econometrics, 2012, 168, 17-28

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"Pollution Abatement Costs and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to U.S. States: A Nonparametric Reassessment," with Daniel L. Millimet, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2007, 89, 178-183

"Human Capital and Convergence: A Production Frontier Approach," with R. Robert Russell, International Economic Review, 2005, 46, 1167-1205