1. What are the program dates?

ACAP Dates: June 10th - 15th, 2018.

CMAP Dates: June 17th - 22th, 2018.


  1. What are the application deadlines?

Both will be due by March 20th, 2018.

  1. How much does each program cost?

Each program is free. However, travel to/from the University of Alabama is not included.


  1. Am I eligible for the summer programs?

See CMAP and ACAP page.


  1. What needs to be included in order for the application to be complete?

See Application page.


  1. When will students know about admissions decisions?

Students will be notified in early May of our acceptance decision into the program.


  1. How many students are accepted to the summer programs?

About 25-30 students are accepted into each program.


  1. May a student apply to both programs?

A student may apply to both programs; however, they will only be selected to attend one per summer. Therefore, please indicate preferred camp in the online application.


  1. If a student has attended one or both of the summer programs in a previous year, may they apply again?

If a student has already attended one program, he or she is allowed to apply for the other program the next summer. However, the student may not attend the same program twice.


  1. Where will students be living?

Student residential hall on the University of Alabama campus. We will provide the specific information in the acceptance packet.


  1. Can students choose their roommate?

No. Student’s roommates will be selected by the directors. This is done to encourage networking amongst the students.


  1. Can I bring a cell phone?

Yes; however, use is limited to daytime breaks and night activities. Use of your cell phone during the workshops is strictly prohibited.


  1. How will meals be provided?

Students will be provided with three meals a day plus snacks between each meal and at night.Meals and snacks will be provided at scheduled times and as a group.Please let us know of special dietary needs such as food allergies or vegetarian requests.

If a student chooses to skip a meal, please understand that we will not be able to break during our programming to get a substitute meal.


  1. Will students need a car?

No, all your transportation once you reach the campus will be provided. If you drive yourself to the program, you will not be allowed to use your car during the program.If you need a parking space for the duration of the program because you are driving yourself to campus, request a dormitory parking pass at check-in.(This pass is different than the parking pass we are sending in this packet for closing day.)


  1. May students bring personal computers (laptops), tablets, or other electronic devices?

Yes; however, we are also not responsible for the theft, loss, or damage of property during the program. It is each student’s responsibility to remain accountable for all personal property at all times. In addition, daily access to computers on campus for e-mail and other needs will be provided.


  1. May students sleep in?

Students are responsible for being ready to leave at the appointed time each morning.We will announce the morning departure times clearly and repeatedly.We will have a staff member knock on suite doors to ensure that everyone is up as we approach the departure time.


  1. May students have visitors?

Parents/Guardians are allowed to visit during free time only. Visits by non-relatives (friends) are not allowed.Students may not, however, leave the dormitory with them without an assigned chaperone or without special permission from your guardians. Given the short duration of the program, we discourage such visits as it disrupts our full schedule and makes the staff’s job more difficult.


  1. What will be provided in the room?

We will provide water, toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.  We will not stock the refrigerators in your dorm due to the short duration of the camp; instead, we will be eating in the dorm common areas and at the dining facilities.  We will put out snacks and beverages in the common area in the evening at evening snack time.



  1. Will my son or daughter be supervised at all times?

Yes. The chaperones were carefully chosen for their maturity, level of responsibility, character, and suitability as a mentor for the students.


  1. How will the group travel to other cities for firm visits and to in-town locations?

The group will travel together in 12-passenger vans. The vans are university-owned and rented for the program.The drivers of the vans will be certified to drive the vehicles—they have excellent driving records and must pass a test to drive the vans.Every possible precaution will be taken to ensure the students’ safety, including imposed requirements of wearing seatbelts and remaining seated at all times.


  1. What safety precautions will be taken?

The students will be chaperoned at all times and at all events.The students will only travel together as a group and adhere to the scheduled times and activities.The chaperones will be cognizant of the group’s destinations and the safest and most direct way to get there. Keys will be provided for each suite and each individual room.Dormitory access is controlled by swipe cards.


  1. Where can I reach my son or daughter in the event of an emergency?

See Emergency Phone Number list that will be provided in your check-in packet.


  1. When do I pick up my son or daughter?

Check-out will be the last day of the program and specific details will be provided in your acceptance packet. A reminder will be emailed mid-week of the program.