To meet one-on-one with the internship coordinator, please schedule an appointment through Student Services in 10 Bidgood Hall or at 205-348-4537. Students cannot schedule internship appointments using the online scheduling system.  Whenever you come for an appointment, verbally notify the reception staff in 10 Bidgood first, there is no need to sign in for an internship advising appointment, and then walk up to 250 Bidgood. You may also e-mail or phone the coordinator with questions (see below).

Students can also discuss internships with Culverhouse Academic Advisors, or with the Career Center@Culverhouse staff in 250 Bidgood Hall, or in the main Career Center office at the Ferguson Center. 

Employers with staffing needs or trainee opportunities that may be compatible with the internship program should e-mail the internship coordinator a brief description of primary job duties. Please include the hourly wage, weekly work hours, location, and internship duration dates comparable to UA's academic calendar.

Only juniors and seniors who are academically poised to accept professional challenges may enroll into the 400-level internship "course." As these student interns master routine tasks and build experience in their majors, they are expected to train with supervision, as would entry-level employees, to develop a working knowledge of overall company operations.

Once an employer has submitted an internship proposal and it has been approved for academic credit, the internship coordinator will post the position so that students can apply directly to the opening. Employers, please arrange interviews with the students of interest who have applied or contact the internship coordinator if you would like to interview on campus.

Kristi Wheeler-Griffin, M.Ed.
Internship Coordinator
Box 870223 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487



How can I participate in the Culverhouse internship program?

Complete an application and submit it online. You DO NOT need to await a response. Proceed with your internship search when you submit your application. Your application WILL be approved if you meet the requirements detailed here. Your application for internship credit is is for Culverhouse records and will not be distributed; it is separate from your individual applications to various internships.

Since this program allows internship self-selection, no placement will be made for you.You must apply to each internship you find that is of interest according to its individual instructions, via CrimsonCareers, on the company web site, etc. Although there are no guarantees, internship experiences are plentiful if you are persistent and creative.

What are the prerequisites and how does an internship count in my curriculum?

By the semester of your internship, you must be a Culverhouse major enrolled into the upper division with 60 or more earned hours and a 2.5 GPA minimum. Retroactive credit is not available for an internship that you have already done, although it can go on your resume. For course credit, pre-approval and a registration permit are required. As for other UA courses, enrollment for an internship follows the same tuition structure and semester "add/drop" deadlines.

The internship can count up to 3 hours as a Culverhouse course elective (not a major elective) that is graded Pass/Fail. Classes graded Pass/Fail do not impact GPA unless you earn an F, The internship is simply a class outside the classroom, designed to be compatible with your other classes. Only 10 hours per week is required by Culverhouse for your participation during any semester. If your internship is paid and you wish to work more hours, you may do so as your supervisor and schedule allow.

How long does an internship last?

Unless otherwise specified by a company's recruiting materials, your internship should begin with the start of classes according to the UA academic calendar,, and end with the last week of classes. Summer internships must span the full summer session; both Summer I and Summer II terms. Variations in the dates of your internship tenure may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Are internships paid? Can I earn pay if I am taking an internship for academic credit?

Yes, you can earn pay and academic credit at the same time and paid internships are encouraged. Any monetary compensation is between you and the employer, but not all internships are paid. Some internships that do not pay an hourly wage may offer other perks, such as mileage reimbursement, free admission to company events, stipends, etc.

Regardless, the good work experience and positive relationships and contacts you build during your internship can pay off in the form of job references and professional resources. In addition, the experience can strengthen your resume and boost your interpersonal and professional skills and your marketability.

What if I'm not seeking course credit?

You may select "no" on the application if you are not seeking course credit for the internship. The "no" option exists for students who want to participate in the C&BA internship program but who have already taken a 492 (internship) class for credit or for students who do not need a business elective and seek to avoid paying summer tuition for it. Although you may work in more than one internship, only one 492 course can count toward the completion of your degree requirements.

Often companies prefer a UA partnership (for credit or not) as a means ofaccountability. Even if you do not need the 1-3-hour business elective, you have the option to enroll for the internship if you are eligible. It will appear on your official academic transcript.

For regular jobs through UA, visit and click "student job opportunities" on the left, then "student positions." Some of these may be eligible for internship credit. Also, discuss regular jobs and/or your post-graduate career options with a Career Center consultant in 250 Bidgood, 348-2691. Many other general questions may also be answered at

When should I intern?

By the time you begin an internship, junior or senior standing will be a prerequisite to enroll for the 492 internship elective. For some students, cost determines when to take an internship. UA tuition for spring and fall semesters is charged at a flat rate for full-time students; whether you are taking as few as 12 hours or as many as 16 hours. So,part-time internships during spring and fall semesters cost no extra if adding the internship hours will keep you between 12-16 total semester hours. Summer internships span both Summer I and Summer II terms (10 hours minimum weekly) and are charged according to UA summer tuition rates. More at

Unless otherwise specified, employers do not have a preference for when you intern as long as you have the maturity and the upper-division classes to assist you on the job. The benefit to working an internship earlier is that the experience could help you solidify your academic and/or career path, and give you time for another internship before you graduate if you so desire. You may earn course credit, though, for only one internship. After the internship term, neither you nor the internship employer is under any obligation to accept or to offer a job, respectively.

Where is a list of available internships?

If you are looking in a certain location, try a Google search, such as "Dallas, TX internships" or specify your interest, such as "Dallas, TX sports internships" and explore the leads your search returns. See who is recruiting on campus at

To view a list of known internships, you must register an online CrimsonCareers account at Go to the login for students and follow the prompt to register an account. You will be required to upload your resume; get resume help in 250 Bidgood, the Career Center@Culverhouse (348-2691).

Because your resume is in the system does not mean that anyone has viewed it. To apply to individual postings, you must submit your uploaded resume to each one of interest, as well as turn in to 10 Bidgood (only one, ever) Culverhouse application and resume as a record of your participation in the Culverhouse internship program.

After you login to CrimsonCareers, go to "Hire Now Postings," select "Job Search" from the drop-down menu and select "Internship" under "Position Type" and enter your major(s). Leave blank the other fields and click "Search." Each entry you click will provide thorough details of the job description and application methods (if other than "submit resume").

Below is an example of what you might say in your optional self-referral student message when applying via CrimsonCareers:

"I am a double major in business and communication and this position very much interests me. I would welcome an interview. Will you please contact me at your earliest convenience? Thank you for your consideration."

Follow up by phone is recommended within a few business days to reiterate your interest and request an interview. Interviewing for an internship does not obligate you to accept it if an offer is made. Once you accept an internship, however, you will not be eligible for other internships that may arise during the same semester.

What can I do now to get a head start?

Attend relevant career fairs and events, To research internships now, use Google or other online search engines or sites such as those listed on the internships handout at Some very competitive, high-profile internships have application deadlines that are months in advance of the start date. Even companies posted on CrimsonCareers often require that you also apply oncompany web sites, which you will know if there is an "online application address" listed.

In addition to Culverhouse internships posted for your review on CrimsonCareers, you may discover location-specific businesses of interest on chambers of commerce web sites. For example, search "Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce," then view the member directory by category. Companies may consider an internship arrangement with you if you pitch to them a good idea for a project.

The internships listed in CrimsonCareers are by no means exhaustive, and we encourage your proposals for internships you find through your own searches or contacts. It will benefit you to determine your options (beyond CrimsonCareers) beforecommitting to an internship.

For internships abroad, see For FAQs about the annual London and Dublin summer internships, visit our placement partner's web site at The username is "eusa" and the password is "students."

Can I earn credit for an internship I find on my own? What about for a related part-time job?

Again, we encourage your proposals for internships you find through your own searches. To propose an internship for academic credit that is not listed in CrimsonCareers, provide me the company web link and the name, email address, and phone number of a contact and the internship coordinator can provide info to him/her on how we can partner.

For any employer of interest who is not yet a partner with UA's business internship program, the internship coordinator can help you contact him/her for you to inquire if s/he will agree to mentor you in an internship experience, formal or not. Or, to call on your own, below is a phone "script" that you may adapt for your use:


I am a University of Alabama business (your class standing) in (your major). I found out about (name of company) through (how you found out) and wondered if you have an internship program or if you would like to partner with the one we have at The University of Alabama. I can earn course credit for an approved on-the-job "class outside the classroom" in which I can put into practice what I have learned about (your major) and work alongside professionals.

Internships are possible each semester, during which time I must work at least 10 hours per week. May I refer my internship coordinator to you for more details about UA's business internship program?

Thank you for your consideration.

(your name)

When I follow up, I request from the employer an email describing the anticipated projects or intern assignments for you, including your hourly wage, number of work hours per week, and job location. The duration dates should follow UA's academic calendar or a comparable duration.

What happens once I accept an internship offer?

When you accept an internship offer from an employer, email the internship coordinator at or phone 205-348-4537. Once your participation eligibility from your Culverhouse internship application is confirmed, you (and your employer) will receive an email explaining how you can enroll for the internship elective course through myBama. Once you have a registration permit from the internship coordinator, there is no capacity limit for enrollment and the permit is valid until UA's course "add" deadline.

How do I enroll for my internship?

See above. You will not be able to enroll for the Culverhouse internship course elective without a registration permit. First you must interview with employers, accept an internship offer, and notify the internship coordinator. Administrators cannot register for you. You must manage your own web registration with your user name and password in myBama.

If your internship will be 40 hours per week during a fall or spring semester, plan to register for co-op/professional practice credit to keep you on record as a full-time student (12 hours) while you are away from campus working full time. You will also need a registration permit to add this "professional practice/co-op" course via myBama. The 12 hours serve a place holder to preserve your student status and cost the same as a one-hour class. See In addition, you can also add the internship course that will count for an actual 1-3-hour business elective.

If you are enrolled in an internship and/or co-op, the course(s) will appear on your official academic transcript.

What is required of me during my internship and how will I be graded?

Your pass or fail grade will be based on the criteria that follow: completion of a 10-hour-minimum weekly work schedule, compliance with rules, guidelines, and professional conduct set forth by your internship employer and by The University of Alabama, a final internship paper as detailed in your syllabus (for those seeking credit), and satisfactory performance evaluation(s) by your employer that will include assessment of yourattitude, punctuality, initiative, quality of work, and adaptability. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate your internship experience. The internship "class" will meet once during the semester. An absence is permitted for students whose internships are located more than 60 miles from campus.

Are there international internship opportunities?

For information on the annual London and Dublin internships, click on the cities at Also visit our placement partner's web site at The username is "eusa" and the password is "students."

A few international leads include, and, and

How does a co-op differ from an internship?

Cooperative education is an academic program in which you alternate periods of full-time study with periods of full-time employment. At work, you earn a competitive salary and may receive benefit packages in addition to valuable on-the-job experience. You maintain your full-time student status while at work (scholarships and financial aid are deferred to the next academic term) and have priority registration status each semester through graduation. Most co-op employers require two or more work semesters prior to graduation, and summer-only employment is NOT compatible with co-op. FMI, see

What's the best way to reach my internship coordinator?

By email, always include in your subject line your name and intern employer or what the message is in reference to, such as "Kristi Wheeler-Griffin: UA Student Services summer internship." Please also adjust your message composition options to "include original message in a reply" so that the internship coordinator can quickly reference email correspondences.

To meet one-on-one, please schedule an appointment through Student Services in 10 Bidgood or at 205-348-4537. Whenever you come for an appointment, always verbally notify the reception staff in 10 Bidgood first, but there is no need to sign in for aninternship advising appointment. Please conduct some preliminary research and come prepared to discuss your options.