The Statistics Research and Consulting Laboratory


Applied statistics and data analytics represent a vital component in many efforts to discover and translate information. The ability to organize, analyze, and summarize data is vital to a wide variety of disciplines in order to communicate research findings, support hypotheses, give credibility to research methods and conclusions, and to therefore make appropriate decisions based on that information.

The mission of the Statistics Research and Consulting Laboratory (SRCL) is to provide researchers at The University of Alabama and others with a resource that supports their investigative efforts with ready access to individuals skilled in the application of statistical methods, data analysis, and statistical computing from a research perspective. This assistance is most often manifested in the form of support for the development of new applications for extramurally funded research proposals, manuscript development, student education and training opportunities, graduate student support, and consultative service. The SRCL seeks to nurture a culture of collaboration at The University of Alabama that is necessary in order to facilitate the highest level of research production and statistical educational opportunities possible.

The SRCL is a division of the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and has support through the University's Office for Research and Economic Development.  Leadership appointments are through the Department of Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science (ISM) faculty.  The organization makes available statistical experts who offer a collaborative resource for applied analytics and data management.  These activities may include partnership on extramural grant applications, services for government and industry, work regarding scientific publication, and consulting for quantitative research. 

The SRCL is organized to effectively conduct and support research endeavors at The University of Alabama through applied analytics.  These activities include:

o   Campus wide collaboration on extramural grant applications

o   Assistance with analytic study design and implementation for scientific literature

o   Research partnerships with governmental and industry organizations

o   Consulting services for University of Alabama faculty

Individuals and organizations who use the services provided by the SRCL are expected to offer appropriate recognition to SRCL members such as shared credit for grant applications and authorship on academic publications and presentations.