International Business & Study Abroad

International Business Specialization

In the 21st Century, all business is global whether we realize it or not. Culverhouse provides students with the option to specialize in international business affairs and offers a wide variety of opportunities to study overseas and gain first-hand experience of business on a global scale. This specialization offers firms International Business graduates who are intelligent, motivated, and adaptable – ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly global and competitive market.

The International Business Specialization (IBS) is comprised of an industry selected set of courses developed to prepare business students for career success in a globalizing world. The IBS emphasizes understanding cross-border relationships comprising institutional, financial, sociocultural, and sociopolitical contexts. GBS students learn how business is conducted within their home country as well as other countries. Students learn how to reach customers in international markets and how to take a local business global. Course content includes topics like strategic planning, government relations, and policy analysis.

The International Business Specialization is composed of 2 required classes, 2 elective classes, and 1 study abroad course.

Required Courses:

IBA/MKT 350 - Introduction to World Business

Students develop a broad skill set that strengthens their ability to identify the critical questions surrounding the challenges of international managers today. Through lectures and case work, students gain exposure to global issue, legal and political forces, international monetary system concepts, sociocultural forces, international institutions and international competitive strategy.

IBA/MKT 351 - Multinational Business Communication and Negotiation

This course is a study of the principles and practices of intercultural business communication - written and interpersonal. The focus is on making students aware of the sources of common intercultural business communication problems, and on helping students develop strategies to avoid or correct these problems.

IBA/MKT 460 - Import/Export

This course includes a thorough examination of the export-import management process and highlights its importance in international business strategy.

Approved Study Abroad Course

Students may choose from a selection of Culverhouse faculty-led international business classes offered every summer to fulfill this requirement. In addition, semester long courses and additional summer courses are offered through Capstone International. This is an essential component of the International Business Specialization.

Elective Courses

IBA/MKT 455 International Marketing

EC 430 International Trade

EC 442 Economic Development of Latin America

EC/FIN 431 International Finance


Study Aboad

Capstone International together with Culverhouse offer short term and long term study abroad courses for students. Previous study abroad trips have hosted our students in London, Prague, Brisbane, Brussels, Munich, Dublin, Venice, and many other exciting and prominent cities.


Student Groups

International Business Initiative
The International Business Initiative is a society of student ambassadors who represent The University of Alabama in international affairs and trips.

For more information on IBI, contact Diana Gomez, Director of the International Business Specialization, at


Advisory Board

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Program Contacts

Diana Gomez, MsM, MBA
Director International Business Specialization

Dr. David Mothersbaugh
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs