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Graduates of the Ph.D. Accounting program have gone on to become academics and researchers at some of the world's most prominent institutions. Read their stories:

Chad Stefaniak, Ph.D., CPA.
Cramer Research Fellow, Associate Professor of Accounting, Darla Moore School of Business

2009 Graduate of the Ph.D. Accounting program. 

  1. What you liked about the UA Ph.D. experience
    1. The Alabama PhD program was able to quickly reorient my relationship with professors from student to colleague. I was told early and often to interact with the faculty on a more personal level than I had previously as a student, which I think helped me both gain confidence and more easily approach the faculty with questions. I always saw the faculty at Alabama as ready to help and provide feedback to help me through whatever situation I had found myself stuck in.
  2. How has the UA Ph.D. experience prepared you for academia
    1. The program more than prepared me to be a successful professor both in and out of the classroom. From a research perspective, having the ability to focus on publishable papers early in the program helped position me to be successful at my first placement. From a teaching perspective, Alabama gave me the opportunity to instruct my own class, which helped me become a confident presenter and class organizer. Being comfortable in front of either a room full of workshop participants or a room full of students has made my transition into academia incredibly smooth.
  3. The environment of Tuscaloosa, the Accounting Department, and your cohort meeting or exceeding your expectations
    1. The thing that stood out to me most during my time at Alabama was how collegial the students in the program were. There was no competition or thinking that in order for me to succeed, someone else must fail. We were identified by and encouraged in our individual strengths. Everyone’s path was different, but we were all on the same journey together. The friendships I forged in Alabama have long extended our time in Tuscaloosa. Even amongst PhD students who came after me in the program, there is an almost familial bond with them at conferences. You’re really joining more than a PhD program when you come to Tuscaloosa.
  4. Any advice you may want to give to individuals looking into a Ph.D. program
    1. If you can’t look around a program and see faculty that you want to emulate, don’t go there. Find a place where you find comfort not only in what they can produce out of you, but also comfort in how they will instruct and guide you. Pay attention to attitudes and personalities when you’re looking around.
  5. Items you would like to discuss.
    1. Some people might look at rankings, prestige, or pedigree when evaluating programs. I’d just like to say that Alabama will help you achieve whatever heights you desire to achieve and are willing to work towards. I am confident that with hard work you could go to any institution after graduating from the Alabama PhD program.  
    2. Roll Tide.

Amanda Beck, Ph.D., CPA.
Visiting Research Associate, Lecturer, McDonough School of Business

2016 Graduate of the Ph.D. Accounting program

Several characteristics distinguish the accounting PhD program at Alabama from others. First, students are given well-rounded preparation for a career in academia through rigorous training in both empirical and experimental research methodologies. Second, the Alabama faculty allow students the freedom to pursue their own unique research interests and provide excellent support both during the program and after graduation. Third, the financial support for PhD students is exceptional, both in terms of stipends and funding needed for conference travel and research expenses. Fourth, there are plentiful opportunities to gain teaching experience and when possible, teaching interests are taken into account for course assignments. This is especially helpful on the job market and in the first few years after graduation. I am confident that the Alabama PhD program prepared me for a successful academic career.